Bellver castle to be renovated for 1 million euros

The council of Mallorca (Consell de Mallorca), has unanimously granted almost a million euro to a renovation project of the Bellver castle in Palma.

Renovation of the Bellver

The first vice president and councilor of culture and sports, Francesc Miralles, has been advocating and defending this renovation of the Bellver castle, which he refers to as an urgent matter. “It is splendid news for the heritage of our island”, Miralles states.

The exact amount of funds granted to renovate the Bellver castle adds up to 942,512.18 euros. Parts of these funds comes from new road taxes instated by the department of territory and infrastructure on Mallorca. The city council of Palma has until December 31, 2020 to come up with a plan for the execution of the renovation project.

The areas of the Bellver castle that needs renovation includes the interior and exterior pits, the reservoir of the patio and the walls of the western bastion. Moreover, the subsidy will be used to perform a renovation of the round promenade leading to the castle.

Bellver castle

The Bellver castle was built by Pere Salva, the same architect who was in charge of rebuilding the Almundaina palace, in the years between 1300 and 1311. The interesting thing is though, that the Bellver castle is round and doesn’t carry much Gothic architectural style.

Bellver means beautiful view in Catalan.

The Bellver caste is also home to the city museum of Palma, exhibiting artifacts from the Roman empire, old city maps, flags and other interesting founds that connects the history of Palma to a timeline.

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