Caimari olive fair ’17, 20th edition – back to the roots

The annual olive fair of Caimari, is one of the highest rated and most sought for events on Mallorca. This year, Caimari celebrates it’s 20th anniversary of the fair, by honouring the father of the fair, former mayor Pere Segui, as well as the traditions of the olive production and life in Caimari.

In the week up to the olive fair, a wide range of festive events and activities are held throughout the small village to get the right atmosphere in the air.Among these activities, are sports competitions, art exhibitions, readings, tastings and crafting workshops. These activities are mainly aimed at the local inhabitants of Caimari, but they are always positive about your curiosity so don’t stay away.

get a great and authentic taste of Mallorca during the olive fair in Caimari when the bars and restaurants serve special dishes with olive oil and olives

Back to the roots of the olive fair

In a big interview to the local media, former mayor of Caimari and father of the fair, Pere Segui, explains that the fair was originally meant as an economic initiative to boost the local economy by allowing the local inhabitants to sell from their home productions. Mallorca offers a wide range of autumn fairs, among these the extensive Dijous Bo in nearby Inca, which tends to draw a big audience. Segui feared that people would spend their money at the more established autumn fairs, but because he connected the fair to the olive oil production and the season for harvesting olives, he really had a unique and intriguing concept that was well received. Sugui will be honoured at the opening ceremony.

This year’s edition of the olive fair, will also focus on prehistoric life in Caimari and the mountains. Demonstrations of hutt building and hunting techniques will be held in the main square and in the ethnological park. Even if you do not understand the language, you will be able to catch up and understand what’s going on.


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Enjoy olives and olive oil at special dishes, menus and prices

Another unique feature of this fair, is the participating restaurants and bars in Caimari that creates special menus and dishes, all with the use of olive oil or olives.

Come find some local specialties and delicacies in the local bars and cafeterias.

Some of the highlighted dishes are:

Plat de muntanya (mountain plate)

Variat Mallorquí (all sorts of traditional Mallorcan delicacies on a plate)

Pa amb oli (famous bread with olive oil and various topping)

Pork frit

Cod with roasted pepper fruits

Snails in olive oil and garlic

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The program for the olive fair

November 18:

10:00h: Inauguration of the olive fair starting in the old manor house of Son Abertí, which was the first house in Caimari. Then a march to the fairground of the fair accompanied by an orchestra of Mallorcan xeremiers.

11:00h: The fair opens with demonstration of olive production, including picking, handling, sorting, breaking and processing.

The rest of the weekend, includes exhibitions of tools and utilities used for olive production, and, demonstrations of the usage of these.

There will be tours to the ethnological open-air museum park outside Caimari, where guides will explain the prehistoric life af Mallorca in the mountains. Here you will see the habitation huts, charcoal barracks, snow houses, limestone ovens and hunting tools used by our forefathers.

You can also join a tour to the first olive press in Caimari, Sa Tafona, where you can discover the olive museum, tastings and visit the shop to purchase the best olive products in the world.

On the main square, find a large selection of tastings from various olive producers in the area.

Sunday, November 19

The fair starts at 11:00h behind the parish church, with a contest of dogs gathering sheep.

The rest of the day continues with tastings and demonstrations on the main fairground.

At 18:30h, the olive fair will be closed with a concert of dancers, xeremiers and drummers, who perform traditional  Mallorcan music.

Download the entire program here (Catalan)



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