Light of God shows in the cathedral of Palma

If you happen to be on Mallorca, more specifically in Palma, on November 11, you’re in for a treat. Religious or not, you can’t miss this opportunity to see a real life phenomenon happen right here in our beautiful cathedral of La Seu.

the cathedral of Palma you can see the light of God showing on February 2nd and November 11
Light of God in Palma cathedral is a phenomenon happening on February 2nd and November 11


Cathedral of light

Twice a year, on February 2nd and November 11, this spectacular phenomenon appears in the cathedral of Palma. But what is this, and how does it make the cathedral more occupied than a rock concert?

The reasons for the massive interest in this event, has its roots in the Christian faith.

February 2nd: The day when Jesus was presented in the temple of Jerusalem and Mary was purified after childbirth, also known as ‘the Calendria’.

November 11: The day of Saint Martin of Tours, a saint that honoured in one of the chapels of La Seu.

At 8:30 in the morning, the sun rises over La Seu. The sun beams breaks through the greater of the two rosettes in the facade wall of the cathedral, and causes a reflection of playful colours just under the rosette on the opposite facade wall.

The sensation lasts about 15 minutes, during which hundreds of excited guests adores the symphony of colours lighting up the majestic interior of one of Europe’s most spectacular constructions.

The reflection of lights and the rosette of the facade forms the number eight (8).

Eight is the number of …

In Christian traditions, the number 8 has a symbolic value. Back in time, Christian writers found, that when an extra day was added to the natural seven day week, the gate to eternity (heaven) was opened. The number 8 represents a new start, to be born again and resurrected, just like Jesus showed himself eight times after his resurrection.

Also notice, that the 14 massive columns inside the cathedral are octagonal. The same coincide with the baptistery in many churches.

If you can’t attend the event yourself, but really want to see this incredible phenomenon, you can visit the website of Palma cathedral to see the live streaming here.

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