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Date(s) - 20/07/2017
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Santa Maria del Cami


During the fiestas in honour of Santa Margalida (St. Margaret of Antioch), Patron Saint of Santa Maria del Camí, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities and events.

The most traditional event, which marks the beginning of the fiestas, is the hoisting of the crimson flag of the municipality on the bell tower of the parish church, along with the release of rockets and the pealing of bells.
The collas (groups of people) are an essential feature of the Patron Saint’s Day fiestas. Various groups of villagers compete in a series of trials with the aim of winning the Folk-Games. It’s traditional for last year’s winning group to read out the proclamation. The groups have to keep passing tests, such as performing in a Playback, a photographic test, decorating the village, etc. On the day of the Folk-Games, the groups gather in Plaça Hostals (square), where a water-fight is held, then they parade to Plaça Nova. There the Games are held: various traditional folk-events, such as tug-of-war with a rope, tug-of-war with a bar, sack races, horseshoes, skipping, a surprise-event and, to round off the Games, the soapy (to make it slippery) pole. The evening ends with dinner in the street and music.
During the fiestas, there’s a competition to design the fiestas t-shirt and the cockerel which is set on top of the soapy pole during the Folk-Games.

During the fiestas, it’s traditional for the villagers to hang in their balconies crimson banners with the municipality’s coat of arms.
Children also play a big part in the fiestas, with activities such as the Grand Prix, the bicycle-decorating workshop and rally of decorated bicycles, musical performances, the gymkhana-by-night for youngsters, the children’s water party, showings of films, etc. The traditional bareback horse races are an inseparable part of the fiestas.

For sports lovers there are various seminars, displays, bicycle ride by night, tournaments, open-air lessons, etc.
Art-lovers can enjoy the various displays, the evening of Poetry in the Vineyard, theatrical performances, etc.
If what you like best is music and dancing, during the fiestas you can make the most of the various performances, habaneras, batucada, musical evenings, a street parade with the xeremiers of Santa Maria del Camí, concert by the musical band, concerts, etc.
Al-fresco bingo and Dirt Track with Mobylette (moped) are also regular features at our fiestas.

It’s traditional to have a Folk-Tremponada, when the municipality’s various organizations and associations cook trempó for dinner and the evening is livened up by our Giants and a “ball de bot” folk dance, along with al-fresco dining. You’ll also be able to enjoy some traditional Mallorcan dishes on tapas-night.
On St. Margaret’s Day, Mass is concelebrated in honour of the Patron Saint, along with the “ball de l’Oferta” dance.

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