Andratx Christmas market 2017

Christmas is finally here again, and ready to fill the municipality of Andratx with joy, activities and magic. This years edition of “Viu el Nadal” includes concerts, excursions, theater plays, cinema showings, workshops and markets. The Christmas in Andratx begins December 1st and continues all the way to January 5th.


Christmas in Andratx is for all

Anabel Curtó, from the department of Culture and Youth in Andratx states, that Christmas is something we share, it is something that we all, regardless of situation, location and age, can gather around and enjoy together. With this statement, she presented the Christmas program for Andratx last week. She explains that the department of culture has put much effort in to planning a month of Christmas activities suited for a wast audience, with concerts, dances, theater acts and of course, the traditional Christmas market in the Placa d’Espanya in the old town of Andratx.

As we get closer to Christmas itself, you can enjoy a range of more Christmas-themed plays and concerts in Andratx, such as traditional Christmas carols sung by the municipality choir, or the famous Christmas play of “A Christmas Tale” performed in the town theater.

On New Years eve, a special pavilion has been arranged in Placa d’Espanya in Andratx, to celebrate and welcome the new year.


Adding in extra Christmas activities for the children of Andratx

The department of Culture and Youth in Andratx has done everything they can to make this years edition of Viu el Nadal extra attractive to children, because they know that classical concerts and other cultural activities might not be as child-friendly. Therefore, a range of workshops and activity fairgrounds has been arranged especially to entertain the children of Andratx. A great example of this, is the “Talayotic cookie workshop”.

The children’s activities continues to January 4th, with all kinds of special activities.


Celebration of the 3 kings

The month of Christmas spirit in Andratx finishes off with the traditional celebration of the three kings, which is very particular to the municipality of Andratx.

The celebration starts at 18:30h in Puerto d’Andratx, at 19:00h the village of s’Arraco and at 19:30h in the town of Andratx itself.

The celebration of the 3 kings, is a cultural event which includes delivery of gifts to the children in the church.


Andratx christmas xmas markets 2017


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