Beer tasting event speaks to all senses

Artà beer festival, is arranged by a local organization of true beer lovers. Two days of tasteful craft beer and knowledge sharing about beer, is the agenda of the festival which will also offer music concerts, competitions and workshops. The beer festival will be begin on Friday June 2nd and end late Saturday night on the 3rd. 

The Artà beer festival is the third of its kind now, each year it has grown bigger and more popular. 99 barrels of tasteful beer will be represented at the festival, 8 of those are beers from Mallorca, 2/3 are from Spain and the last 1/3 are international brands from USA, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Russia.

Spokesman of the beer festival organization, Tomeu Coll, says that the goal of the beer festival is to get as much variety as possible without any repeaters. He also tells, that the organization is made by homebrewers and the festival should reflect the perfect event of a such.

taste local crafted beers in arta, mallorca
arta beer festival, full program

New tendencies highlights the 2017 beer festival

Tomeu Coll explains that beer tasting events has become more sophisticated all over Europe during the recent years, especially when mixed with music tunes. The mixture of classical and electronic music, has direct influence on the perception of beer and therefore enhances the taste. Music stimulates certain parts of the brain, while other parts will remain passive, therefore, the nuances of each beer will be brought to focus when consumed.

During the beer festival in Artà, you can talk to representatives of the Lupulina company who will answer and explain any questions or curiosities you might have about beer production. Lupulina is a brewery that focuses on sustainable production methods.

There will also be held workshops, where you can learn how to distinguish varieties of beer and their properties.

Special homebrewer competition

Another popular activity of the Artà beer festival, is the homebrewery competition held Saturday morning at 10:00. Participants will have a unique opportunity to have their creations evaluated by professionals of the beer industry. Last year more than 30 people participated, and this year a similar amount is expected.

Artà beer festival, is the second beer tasting event on Mallorca this year. The first, was the beer fest in Palma held in Parc de la Mar in front of the cathedral. The beer festival in Palma had more varieties, but was not dedicated to enthusiasts as such, but more of a tasting event.

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