Bread & Fish fest is here

Time for the annual Bread & Fish party in Sant Joan. In the streets, you will experience traditional Mallorcan bagpiping and folk dancing. There will be special stalls with all kinds of foods related to the theme.

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On March 25, there are a range of events, mostly for locals though, held throughout the town.

On March 26, you can look forward to some of the below listed.

– From 10:30, a parade of bagpipers leaves Sant Joan town to go to the sanctuary of Consolatio, situated on a hilltop just outside town.

– At 11:00, the festivities kicks of here at the temple and plays all day.

– At 17:00, you can see a traditional ballad of the peasants.

– At 20:00, a chorus can be experienced in the church of Sant Joan.

feste pa i peix in sant joan on Mallorca

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