Greatest tapas event in Santanyí “Tapa a Tapa” satisfied hundreds of souls and stomachs

A well planned tapas event by the town council of Santanyí, was indeed well executed by the participating bars, restaurants and everyone involved this project, as the big “Tapa a Tapa” gave reason to hunger and excitement on Saturday May 21.

Probably the most tasteful event you will find in the southern part of Mallorca, “Tapa a Tapa”, was successfully held Saturday evening. Santanyí old town, is full of cozy bars and restaurants serving the best of the municipality’s local produce, therefore, it was the perfect idea to arrange a tapas event where most of the bars could participate displaying to visitors their take on the best tapas recipes. The mayor of Santanyí, Llorenç Galmés Verger, and the other involved council members opened this tasteful evening wishing all participating bars and restaurants a great event. 

spanish tapas full of taste

Already from the early afternoon hours, a mini train took excited children for a ride through the narrow streets, entertaining with music by DJ RIGO and various media showings to make it extra fun for the little ones.

The result was adorable, as the smiles of the small ones lit up even the darkest corners, there was indeed party in the town of Santanyí.

train ride with excited kids looking out the windows

Santanyí is the perfect place for tapas

Santanyí is rich on many sorts of vegetables, fruits, cheeses and meats, and tapas perfectly combines these intense tastes to a symphony of authenticity and delicacy.

Tapa a Tapa, gave hundreds of hungry tongues an unique opportunity to sample these local delicacies, to meet the souls behind the bars and restaurants, and truly feel the unique atmosphere of Santanyí.

A total amount of 15 bars and restaurants had agreed to participate in this special day, and from you can see on the photos below, they really created true happiness amongst the many vsitors.

Many typical tapas was to be found in the various servings at the bars, such as hot meatballs, little balls of mixed seafood and vegetables, Spanish omelette with potatoes and of course Mallorca “Pa amb Oli” (bread with oil) served with a delicious fresh tomato paste and olive oil.

restaurant serving many variations of delicious tapas
Exquisite tapas serving in Santanyí Mallorca

Photo gallery from Tapa a Tapa

Credits and thank you to the Ajuntament de Santanyí (town hall of Santanyí)

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