Orange fair of Sóller and Fornalutx, Fira de la Taronja


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The orange valley of Mallorca celebrates its oranges

Oranges, are the main emblematic product of the valleys of Sóller and Fornalutx in the fertile and evergreen Serra de Tramuntana mountains.The bio-systems along with the high temperatures up here, allows for the citrus fruits, oranges as lemons, to gain a special juicy and intense taste.

Again in 2017, the two municipalities celebrates their high quality delicious oranges with a fair of unique taste and many events to enjoy.

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Restaurants and orange tapas

From the 20th of May to the 4th of June, the annual Fira de la Taronja is celebrated in Sóller and Fornalutx.

The fair offers special menus at a wide selection of restaurants and bars, that prepares delicious dishes including the orange as a key ingredient.

On May 27 at 20:00, the special tapas route starts, serving tapas with citrus fruits as well as fruity skewers. To make the most of this tapas event, the Sóller tram will offer rides for a highly reduced price at 9.90 euro. The tapas event ends again on Sunday.

Participating restaurants in Port de Sóller:

Restaurante Solleric, Restaurante Es Canyís, Restaurante Don Pedro, Brasserie Los Geranios Hotel, Restaurante Hotel Marina,  Restaurante Las Olas, Restaurante Espléndido, Restaurante Randemar, Restaurante Airecel (Hotel Aimia), Restaurante Sóller Beach (Hotel Generoso, ), Restaurante Mar y Sol, Restaurante Balear, Restaurante Caproig (Hotel Jumeirah).

Participating restaurants in Sóller:

Restaurante Sa Taulera, Restaurante La Casona, Restaurante Sa Cova, Restaurante Can Blau (Gran Hotel).

Participationg restaurants in Fornalutx:

Restaurante Sa Cuina d’en Marc.


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Oranges from Sóller and Fornalutx

What makes the oranges and lemons from the Sóller-Fornalutx valley so special, is really based on the very optimal conditions they have for cultivating and growing them.

Water, soil and sun are some of the main factors that determine the conditions for orange trees and their fruits. The special eco-systems of the Tramuntana which has also been preserved by UNESCO, allows for the very best conditions to cultivate the citrus trees.

Along with the fishing industry, the harbor and docks that is in Port de Sóller, was built because of the high demand of these tasty oranges back in the 18th and 19th century. Especially France and Italy were importing oranges from Sóller. Before or after enjoying the special menus at the restaurants in Port de Sóller, go visit the Museu de Mar, which will give you a great presentation of exactly how big impact the oranges had on the income.

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