Partridge fair of Montuïri 2017

December is means Christmas lights and shopping hauls, but it also means partridge hunting, especially if you head to the heart of Mallorca, namely Montuïri. One of the most local traditions you will find on this island, is the partridge fair held every December. It is an event that gathers hunters, bird lovers and farmers from all over the island and from the mainland. The main event of this fair, is the partridge hunt held on December 4th.

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Program of this year’s partridge fair

The program for the 2017 partridge fair coincides with the Christmas market in Montuïri. Many of the events held throughout the fair, are in Catalan and mainly aimed to please the locals of Montuïri, but there is a joyful atmosphere in the little medieval village on top of the mountain.

Saturday, November 25 at 18:00h

Concert in the Sant Bartomeu church with the Montuïri band and choir.

Sunday, November 26 at 10:00h

Duathlon starting at the Bar & Restaurant Cent 80.

Friday, December 1st

18:30h Wine tasting of local wines from Montuïri at Celler Can Rei.

20:30h Society of Hunters of Montuïri talks about the history of partridge hunting with decoys.

21:00h Poetry reading accompanied by autistic music held in the old flour mill, Moli d’en Nofre.

Saturday, December 2nd

18:30h Inauguration of the Christmas market in Montuïri. Exhibitions and booths will be on the display in Plaça Major. In the ground floor of the town hall you can see some local art works exhibited. You can see some traditional dance and music performances at this ceremony.

There will also be performances of modern dancing.

Sunday, December 4th, day of the main event

All day will be stalls and booths in the centre of the village where you can sample local delicacies, ecological products and traditional foods. You can also see native animals from Mallorca and shop for artisan products.

8:00h – 10:00h Inscription for participation in the partridge hunt.

9:00h Checking and approval of guns and decoys for the partridge hunting contest.

10:00h The official inauguration and start of the hunting contest at Plaça Major.

13:30h Award ceremony where we find and celebrate the winner of the partridge hunt.

Wednesday, December 6

9:00h 10km race for children begins at Bar s’Hostal.

11:00h 10km race for adults begin at Bar s’Hostal.

Thursday, December 7

19:00h Information and lectures about the olive groves in the es Pla region, held in the Sala de Plens.

Friday, December 8

10:30h Basketball match in the Es Revolt hall.

20:30h Presentation of the trinomial nomenclature of the Balearic islands, held in the Sala de Plens.

Saturday, December 9

10:30h Christmas workshop held in the ground floor of the town hall.

Friday, December 15th

17:30h Demonstrations of traditional dances performed by the children of Montuïri.

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