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Dicvover the fascinating prehistory of Mallorca close up in the cultural capital of Artà

Prehistoric Mallorca, is perhaps one of the most discussed and fascinating subjects when talking about the Mallorcan history. The many archaeological excavations done in Artà, evidences a highly structured society from more than 3.000 BC. Now it is your turn to discover, excavate and indulge in the ancient world of prehistoric Mallorca.

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This weekend (May 26 – May 29), northern Mallorca is themed with ‘prehistoric’ and ‘archaeology’. West of Pollença, you can enjoy a great family activity, as the Prehistoric Day of Cala Sant Vicenç is held on Sunday with lots of interesting things to attend.

In the eastern areas, namely Artà, is the bigger and more extensive archaeological fair called ‘Artalaiotica’, with referral to the special Balearic talayotic period. This prehistoric weekend, too has the purpose of educating more visitors about the rich history of the Balearic Islands which dates all the way back to the early Bronze Age.

Come enjoy a range of interesting events, sights and attractions in Artà and indulge in the fascinating world of archaeology and prehistory.

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Wide range of prehistoric activities for children and adults to enjoy during the weekend

The entire weekend will be dedicated to educating adults and children in the amazing and fascinating prehistory of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. To do so, the town council of Artà has arranged a wide list of activities for you to indulge in. These activities include guided tours, tastings, workshops for adults and special workshops for children, lectures, readings and special exhibitions from various excavations in the area around Artà.

The prehistoric fair, is designed to take you through different periods on Mallorca. These periods are:

  • Talayotic period and Bronze Ages.
  • Punic world of Phoenicians and Carthaginians.
  • Ancient Greek Culture that arrived to the Balearic Islands.
  • The presence and impact of Rome, and Mallorca as part of the Roman empire.

The map below shows all locations of the many activities held throughout the prehistoric weekend in Artà.

Note, that you must sign up for the special events, all listed on the offial website of Artalaiotica, where you will also find the inscriptions for the activities.

Visit the official website of Artalaiotica to see all activities on the prehistoric weekend fair.

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