Alcanada is a great choice of holiday destination if you are looking for quiet self catered holiday base near popular amenities.

Alcanada local guide

Alcanada – also known as Aucanada – is a small, and quiet area in the northern outskirts of the well-known bay of Alcúdia, on the Mallorcan north cope.

Alcanada has great attraction for people seeking a quiet base, but would like to be within a reasonable range of known facilities, like city life, beach and restaurants.

Alcanada probably best of all brings memories to a typical residential neighborhood in the exclusive end, with the white house facades, (private) beach areas, and home to one of Mallorca’s most exclusive golf clubs, Club de Golf Alcanada.

Alcanada is located on the hillsides above the beautiful little cove that belongs to the city of Alcúdia, just about 5-10 minutes of driving from the city.

The tranquil and exclusive feel to Alcanada, is very reminiscent of any scene of a postcard, with large beautiful villas, sailboats floating in the bay, and the idyllic small roads decorated with bougainvillea.

Alcanada has just about a handful of hotels and apartment buildings, and a few restaurants, and a single supermarket which ensures supply of the city’s residents and guests.

As said, Alcanada is located about 3 miles outside Alcúdia, therefore it is easy to get to the old town of Alcúdia, and to the more lively Port d’Alcúdia, either on foot, by bicycle or by car in a short time. On the other side of Alcanada, you will find a fantastic vegetation with pine trees, olive groves and abundant wildlife including wild pheasants.

The beach of Alcanada

Along the waterfront, it is possible to throw the towel and enjoy a dip in the clear water. There are no real bathing or beach facilities in addition to a small jetty, which can be used to get out past the rocks in the shallows. The section of beach gives the feel of a beautiful untouched natural beach, set in a beautiful setting among pine trees and crystal clear waters that glisten in the sunlight.

The beach in Alcanada is known under the names Playa de Alcanada and Cala Poncet and measures some 200 meters in length.

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Sights near Alcanada

Anyone with any interest in history, should not mis the experience of a visit to Mallorcas first capital city Pollentia. Built by the Romans 125 BC in the outskirts of the neighboring town of Alcúdia, these ruins are very well preserved and a real time travel experience.

The Alcúdia town is known for its mammoth-sized city walls, that framed and protected the urban core back during medieval harsh conditions. Here you will find a unique combination of small neighborhoods, each of which reflects a period from the many cultures that influenced Mallorca through time.

Pollença, another historic town nearby, invite the unique vantage points all over Mallorca’s beautiful northern cape, along with the story of Mallorca’s development.

Cap de Formentor is one of Mallorca’s most iconic sights and excursions. The distinctive peninsula that sticks out from the absolutely most northerly point of the island, offers unique picturesque and sensual nature, secret beaches and coves, and a playground for any sportsman or woman.

Restaurants and food in Alcanada

Although Alcanada does not have many restaurants, most who have visited the city will probably tell you, that eating up here is pretty well. When a handful of hotels and restaurants alone will create an unforgettable experience for the visitor, the food must of course be in the top.

Particularly Restaurant La Terraza, is known and loved by locals as well as returning guests, who like to take the trip from Alcudia out here, enjoying the view over the bay, while a unique culinary experience is consumed.

Hotels and accommodation in Alcanada

Aucanada differ materially from Port d’Alcudia, the entire area is home to only 1-2 hotels. Aucanda is calmer and therefore, the accommodation here is also aimed at those who seek a relaxed and tranquil base during the holiday.

Activities around Alcanada

Alcanada is home to one of Majorca’s finest and most exclusive golf clubs, the impressive Club de Golf Alcanada. Here challenged to the hugely well-groomed 18-hole course, set in an idyllic location next to the sea, and with the iconic lighthouse on the island of Illa de Alcanada, rising in the horizon.

The same island, Illa de Aucanada, is a popular excursion destination in Alcanada. The island is located some 150 meters from the main coast, and you can actually swim out there as the water addition is no more than 1.50 meters high. Illa de Alcanada has a fairytale atmosphere to it, and almost no matter at what time of day you come here, there will be something to enjoy. During the daytime, you can go on an adventure in the beautiful pine forest or bask in completely peaceful surroundings, and in the evening you can sit out here and enjoy the many lights from the Alcudia’s seafront promenade.

The main activities of Alcanada would however be biking, hiking, golfing, diving, and sailing.

Every Saturday morning, a weekly market is held in Alaró, in the center square. This market is a great way to blend in with the locals, and maybe you’ll find an offer you can’t resist on leather goods or local produce. No matter what your intentions are, it’s a wonderful way to start the day, and to really feel the local atmosphere.

Alcanada is the peninsula extending from between the bays of Alcúdia and Pollenca.

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