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Alcúdia offers some of the most tourist friendly conditions in the entire Mediterranean region, perhaps this is why it is the most popular holiday destination amongst Europeans. However, Alcúdia is more than just a tourist attraction, it is a cultural mecca packed with exciting and stunning places of interest to explore.

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Tours & excursions from Port d’Alcúdia

Visitors flee to Alcúdia and Port d’Alcúdia to explore and challenge the versatile nature and landscapes up here. If cycling, MTB or walking is your thing, Alcúdia will not disappoint! Needless to say, Alcúdia is also an excellent place for nautical activities and water sports.

On this page, you will find a number of interesting things to do, as well as popular tours and excursions to go on and really get the most of your holiday in Alcúdia.

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Sights in Alcúdia

Alcúdia is one of the most historic town in mallorca, full of cultural heritage, beautiful buildings and monuments.

Town walls and gates

These massive walls and opening gates, were built already back in the 1300’s to protect the prosperous area of Alcúdia and Port d’Alcúdia. Today, they are a historical monument and the landmark of Alcúdia and a real tourist attraction you must see!

Visit the massive medieval town walls and defensive gates

Old walls and gates of alcudia things to do and see in alcudia on mallorca when visiting

Sa Bassa Blanca

You don’t have to be an art enthusiast with exquisite taste for the fine arts to enjoy an excursion with the family to the Ben & Yannick Jakober foundation and their amazing finca, Sa Bassa Blanca, with direct views over the Alcúdia bay.

Excursion to the art exhibition and museum in Sa Bassa Blanca

foundation ben yannick jakober art museum outside alcududia mallorca

Pollen-tia, ruins of the roman city

You simply can’t visit Alcúdia without visiting the incredible excavations of the first real city in Mallorca, the site of Pollen-tia situated just outside the urban core of Alcúdia. This amazing open-air museum is something the entire family will enjoy.

Visit Pollen-tia the ruins of the first roman city

alcudia sights visit Pollentia the roman ruins

Albufera wetlands and nature reserve

Albufera is an amazing area located between Port d’Alcudia and Playa de Muro. Albufera is very place amongst birdwatchers and spotters, cyclists and walkers. The natural area is home to more than 200 species of wildlife that lives in the 2700 hectare big park full of Mallorcan nature.

Visit Albufera wetlands and natural area for birdwatching, walking and cycling

Alcudia wetlands nature reserve of albufera great place for birdwatching and bird spotting

Old bullfighting arena in Alcúdia

A historic town such as Alcúdia naturally also have a bull fighting arena, this one is not active though. However, the bullring in Alcúdia is a monument of a prehistoric culture that once ruled on this very island, when the bull was considered a mythical creature.

See the old bullring/bullfighting arena outside town

alcudia bull fighting arena placa de toros

Parish church of Alcúdia

The parish church of Alcúdia is as beautiful on the inside as it is from the outside. The church is built into the massive medival town walls as par of the old defensive system of Alcúdia. Inside the church, you will find a treasury of beautiful arts, thus the ethnological museum of Alcúdia.

Visit the parish church of Saint James and the ethnological museum of the town

Old town alcudia the parish church is built in to the massive medieval walls

Oratory of Santa Anna

This small oratory, is actually one of the first and most well-preserved chapels/churches in Mallorca. It was built from stones found in the ruins of Pollen-tia across the street,, just after the Catalan conquest of the island. It’s a cute little church, easily accessible from the street, absolutely worth a picture.

Visit the well preserved oratory of Santa Anna

oratorio santa anna alcudia

Coll Baix natural area and bay

If you are looking for the secrets gems of Mallorca, look no further because the Coll Baix natural area is one of those secrets that can only be accessed by walking/hiking or sailing. The area is located on the peninsula of Alcanada, and the trip starts in the harbour area of Port d’Alcúdia, from where a scenic experience awaits.

Hiking/walking excursion to the Coll Baix natural area and bay

Excursion to Coll Baix natural area and unspoiled beach in a small tranquil cove only done by hiking

Penya des Migdia, amazing panorama views for the brave hiker

This scenic walk/hike will without a doubt take your breath away, as you climb to the summit of Penya des Migdia to see the most amazing panorama views over Alcúdia and Pollenca. At Penya des Migdia you’ll find a medieval military installation from where soldiers could spot hostile ships in the sea.

Walking excursion to Penya des Migdia

hike and walk too the incredible viewpoints and old watchtower in Alcudia the penya des migdia

Sa Talaia, highest point in Alcúdia

Sa Talaia, is located in amazing 434 metres altitude, the highest point in Alcúdia rising above the natural area of Coll Baix. The excursion to Sa Talaia can only be done by foot, and on top you can enjoy the amazing panorama views from the remnants of the old medieval watchtower that was once installed here.

Walking excursion to Sa Talaia

walking to the viewpoint over alcudia talaia

Hermitage of Victoria

This beautiful old convent and hermitage of Victoria, is situated on the slopes of the Alcanada peninsula, with stunning views over the bay of Pollenca. The hermitage of Victoria is nestled in peaceful and tranquil surroundings, a truly blessed place. There is a small cafe here, and parking is possible.

Visit the hermitage of Victoria and the great views

beautiful hermitage of victoria between alcudia and pollenca

Placa Carles V in Alcúdia

Placa Carles V is located just behind one of the amazing old defensive gates of Alcúdia. At this public square, you can see the beautiful sculpture of an eagle, or rather a roman aguilla. The eagle was a symbol of the roman legionaries, and outside Alcudia is the ruins of the roman city, Pollen-tia.

Find Placa Sant Carles and the roman eagle

visit the placa sant carles in the town of Alcudia and see the roman aguilla, an eagle symbolizing the roman legions

Every Tuesday and Sunday morning at 8:00 am, Alcúdia opens up the streets for one of the biggest markets on the island.

At the market, you can let your senses be seduced, by a colorful and aromatic variety of fresh fruits, meat, fish, flowers and sweet almonds and figs.

This is an ideal opportunity to taste some of the typical Mallorcan local delicacies, e.g. the famous sobrassada-sausages, the fresh juicy oranges, giant tomatoes , olives and capers, thus a wide variety of cheeses and meats.

alcúdia’s location

infographic showing the municipalities of the Raiguer region in Mallorca

The Raiguer region

The Raiguer region is perhaps the most versatile of all regions Mallorca, because of its unique location between the foothills of Tramuntana and the rural countryside of the Pla region.

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Alcúdia gets its name from its former Moorish inhabitants, who called this place “Al Cudi”, which is is roughly translated to: On the hill.

Alcúdia is by far one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe, and it is no wonder. 14 km of white silky soft beach line and crystal clear low water, makes this place very popular amongst families who will find a holiday paradise.

However, Alcúdia is much more than beaches, sangria and Mickey Mouse clubs, it is also home to the first capital of Mallorca, Pollen-tia, as well as being a stronghold during the middle ages.

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