campanet local guide

Campanet, is one of those “in between” areas of Mallorca, small but with much soul.

Campanet is a small and sleepy town, which beautifully represents the Mallorcan soul in its essence.

Open your Accés Mallorca application, tab “Towns & Villages” and find Campanet.

We have conducted a cultural route that leads you from the outskitrs of town, through the urban core and to the amazing nature reserve of ses Fonts Ufanes on the other side of Campanet.

On this route, you will explore early days watering systems, local heritage, artitectural stylistics and learn about two important characters in the history of Mallorca.

Sights in Campanet

Cuevas de Campanet

Sights in Campanet

Ses Font Ufanes

Sights in Campanet

Old town border

Sights in Campanet

Plaça Major

Sights in Campanet

The antique urban core

Sights in Campanet

Well of Gatell

Sights in Campanet


Sights in Campanet

House of Llorenç Riber

Churches in Mallorca

Parish Church of Sant Miquel

Campent offers a handful of local bars and eateries all situated around the center square of the town. These bars are great ways to meet the local community and feel the atmosphere of the village.

The menu cards reflets the local traditions and the typical Mallorcan cousine.

in campanet you will find great bars for eating luch and supper

Hotel and accommodation offers in Campanet

You have a number of accommodation options around Campanet. The area is ideal for a finca holiday, secluded in luxury and scenic nature.

The geographical location of Campanet, let’s you have access to the best of both worlds. On one side of the town, the Tramuntana mountain rises, to the north Alcudia and Playa de Muro invites to the beaches, and to the east thousands of hectares of rural countryside awaits.

For cyclists, Campanet is particularly well placed in a huge network of roads that leads through the many beautiful landscapes.

Campanet can also offer a range of activities to the sports enthusiasts. The city has various sports facilities, such as a covered pavilion, football pitch, tennis courts, swimming pool and climbing wall.

The weekly market i Campanet, is held Tuesdays at Plaça Mayor the main square of the town.

The market isn’t that big, but offers a selection of meets, cheeses, local produce and crafts.

Campanet is located by the feet of Tramuntana in the northern end of the island

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