Formentor is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for scenic nature, adult audience and local feeling.

Find out why Formentor is your perfect holiday destination in the north east area

Formentor local guide

Formentor is not really known as a base for a holiday, which is completely opposite to the truth. Formentor was actually one of the very first areas of Majorca, to offer a high class tourist destination.

The Barcelo Formentor, is the only hotel up here, and have provided accommodation to many celebrities during the last century.

The spectacular landscape and the panoramic views from up here, is what makes Formentor one of the most visited excursion destinations on Mallorca.

Accommodation offers in Formentor

Formentor is an attraction itself! However, Formentor is home to a famous lighthouse, which should be visited, not because it’s a famous lighthouse, but because of it’s amazing location.

Formentor has a big beach bar/restaurant, located just in the beginning, when you enter the beach area. This is a typical cafeteria, serving fast food for hungry beach guests. The restaurant has a big terrace´, and tables for some 200 guests.

Golfing, tennis, squash, cycling, MBT, climbing and beach activities, are just some of the many activities you can do here in Formentor. The area up here, is ideal for  exploring and going on adventures, between the green covered slopes that runs to the azure blue coves.

If you feel like a cruise around the many coves, enjoy a half day on the glass-floor catamaran charter, leaving from the little dock next to the beach area.

Formentor is located in the top western part of Mallorca, in the municipality of Pollenca. It will take time to get here, because of the narrow curvy mountain roads will not allow for much speed, especially during high season.

Formentor is a all-year round resort, although, summer is of course the busiest time. The season in Formentor, begins in later February when the first cyclists come to the island, and stays in Formentor to get the best recreation.

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