Mallorca south and southeast holiday destinations, guides & offers

Mallorcas’ southeastern areas offer both rural countryside, scenic unspoiled natural areas and stunning golden beaches.

Holiday in the southeastern areas and the lower east coast of Mallorca, means a lot of versatile nature, a lot of small charming golden coves and plenty of room for all desires. Selecting the southern and eastern part of Mallorca as your holiday base, will cover you and your partners needs to the fullest, regardless if you disagree on what’s more important to have.

In the very southeastern corner, you will find picturesque old fishing villages such as Cala Figuera, Portopetro and Portocolom, these old harbour areas are still partly in use bringing in fresh fish to the restaurants, which gives the destinations a lot of charm and authenticity. Actually, not many years back, Portocolom was renown for having the best restaurants on Mallorca.

Looking for more children family oriented holiday destinations on the southeast coast, make sure to have a closer look at resorts like Cales de Mallorca and Cala d’Or. These resorts are built to accommodate holidaymaker traveling with children and infants, but at the same time offering a wide selection of bars and activities for adults and young adults traveling here, basically, great all-round holiday destinations.

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Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is among the most picturesque holiday destinations in the southeastern Mallorca. This charming small fishing village offers a scenic and romantic holiday destination for couples and friends coming for an escape from mass-tourism or a romantic get-away. Cala Figuera is a great choice of holiday destination if nature and activities should be combined with romance.

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Guide accommodation activities in Cala Llombards Mallorca

Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is an outlandish and tranquil holiday destination, perfect for the self-catering holidaymaker who appreciates sea views and seclusion from mass tourism. Cala Llombards is a rather small and quiet destination, where you will find accommodation in a villa or flat with stunning location and views close to the many golden coves in the area. Choose Cala Llonmbards for a holiday base in solitude.

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Cala Santanyí

Cala Santanyí is a picturesque and charming little holiday destination located in the southeast corner of Mallorca in a scenic cove. Cala Santanyí mainly attracts an adult audience seeking a romantic setting with direct access to the beautiful unspoiled Mediterranean nature.Accommodation in Cala Santanyí includes a few charming adult hotels and a selection of charming holiday villas and flats with great views.

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Cales de Mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is a purpose built beach resort in the southeastern part of Mallorca. Cales de Mallorca is an obvious choice for families traveling with children, who wants an all-round and all-inclusive beach resort. Cales de Mallorca is superb located close to both roads and golden beaches, making it an all-round family holiday destination suitable for most holiday makers.

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local tour guide to campos explore sights and activities


Campos is the most southern municipality of Mallorca. The area includes the very popular natural beach of es Trenc, some very charming rural countryside districts and of course the many delicious restaurants found here. Campos town itself is a quiet and pastoral village surrounded by beautiful rural landscapes, where you will find the best accommodation here in a rustic finca with pool and modern amenities, perfect for couples and friends.

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Colónia de Sant Jordi

Colónia de Sant Jordi is a rather small holiday resort located in the south area of Mallorca, in the municipality of Ses Salines. Colónia de Sant Jordi is build up around a marina and fishing harbour, adding some authenticity to the resort. The resort mainly attracts an adult audience and the accommodation offers reflects the needs of a child-free holiday base in the south of Mallorca.

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local tour guide to felanitx, Mallorca


Felanitx is an area of many faces, located on the east side of Mallorca. Felanitx offers a wealth of cultural activities and historical places of interest. The area is crowned by the iconic monastery of Sant Salvador, offering breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the entire east coast of Mallorca. Accommodation in Felanitx includes charming rural fincas and villas ready to offer the perfect frame for couples and friends traveling to the beautiful area of Felanitx.

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Llucmajor is a very big area, which includes as well popular beach areas as traditional Mallorcan town life. Llucmajor is located just east of Palma, it starts in the bay of Palma, and follows the southern coastline to the beach of Sa Rapita. Llucmajor exhibits a former wealthy area of Mallorca, with many beautiful architectural pearls and manor houses in the local area. Accommodation offers in Llucmajor ranges from luxury finca hotels to charming flats and villas in the countryside. Llucmajor is especially loved by golfers and cyclists who come to enjoy the unique location of this destination.

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Portocolom has always been known as a destination focusing on the best things in life; great food, beautiful sea views and romantic settings. Portocolom is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic Mallorcan southeast coast, it offers both beaches, charming harbour area and good infrastructure. Portocolom as a holiday destination in the southeast of Mallorca, is an obvious choice for so many reasons and the accommodation offers here are almost impossible to filter, because they are all so wonderful.

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Portopetro is a charming and picturesque little marina situated in a scenic cove in the southeastern corner of Mallorca. Portopetro is renown for its romantic attraction force and the wild Mediterranean nature areas that enhance the feeling of peace. Portopetro is an obvious choice for a romantic escape for couples looking for a tranquil holiday destination in the southeast corner with good access to roads and unspoiled nature.

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santanyi local tourist guide to sights activities

Santanyí (Santañy)

Santanyí is known for its versatile characteristics, combining the best of both the rural districts and the coastal areas of Mallorca. Santanyí is the most southern municipality of Mallorca and includes popular holiday destinations such as Cala d’Or, Cala Figuera and Portopetro. Santanýi is generelly a very picturesque area with lots of charm and local soul.

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