El Arenal, or s’Arenal, is located east of Platja de Palma, bordering the resort of Ca’n Pastilla.

El Arenal is mostly loved by younger Germans, who come here to party. Not at all like Magaluf, but it’s pretty lively.

You want to choose El Arenal, if you want beach and party.



Accommodation & hotel offers in El Arenal

El Arenal offers both holiday rentals, family hotels, adults only hotels, and regular hotels, in other words, something for everyone.


Restaurants in El Arenal

Generally spoken, the restaurants in Portals Nous service an international audience, maybe with a bit more weight on the Germans.

There is a great selection of delicious restaurants located along the esplanade, looking over the beach.


Activities & sports to do in El Arenal

El Arenal, is a great place to do sports and physical activities. The beach area is fairly large, with enough space for both sun lounging, beach volley and sand castles. The waters are low and clear, and you can easily go out 50-70 meters before the surface reaches your belly button.

Just outside El Arenal, you’ll find the big water park, Aqualand Arenal, with many adrenaline-pumping slides and fun spirals.

If you have gasoline in your blood, go and visit the formula kart track, where you can push 80 m/h in one of the custom made formula karts.


Attractions & sights to see near El Arenal

There are no tourist attractions or sights to see near or in El Arenal. Fortunately, you are just some 20 minutes away from the great capital of Palma de Majorca.


Shopping options in El Arenal

El Arenal offers a selection of stores and boutiques, clinics and supermarkets. If you want to collect the newest fashion trends from Spain, Italy and France, spend a day in Palma, where you will find it all.


When to visit El Arenal

El Arenal, mainly serves as a summer holiday destaination. However, a lot of cyclists come here in early spring and late autumn.