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Sa Coma local holiday guide

Get familiar with the wonderful and modern holiday destination with this local guide to Sa Coma

Things to do in Sa Coma

Sa Coma is a modern holiday destination full of offers and opportunities.

mini train tours in sa coma

Mini train

Rising the mini train is a fun and comfortable way to get familiar with the town and area of Sa Coma. The mini train runs between hotels and the beach all day long. There is also another route that will take you on a longer ride to the picturesque area of Costa del Pins north of Cala Bona.

diving centers sa coma mallorca


There several diving schools in Sa Coma because the east coast is a true treasury of undersea life. Whether you are a beginner or experienced PADI diver, there are numerous possibilities to discover Mallorca from the eye of the fish. Explore hidden caves, light open meadows, valleys of sea grass and a range of colorful and fascinating species such as morays, octopuses, shrimps and fish. Diving is really one of the most memorable things you can do here.

horseback riding sa coma mallorca

Horse riding

One of the best ways of experiencing the beautiful area that surrounds Sa Coma is from the back of a horse. Ride through the natural area of the Punta Amer headland, explore the wild Balearic nature and reach the old fortress at the tip where you can stop for a refreshment. Riding on a horse along the coastline is simply an amazing feeling and allows for some incredible views, you can feel the connection with the horse as the rhythms of the hoofs takes you from one picturesque place to another. Look for Rancho Sa Coma at Avinguda de ses Palmeres, 9.

Glass bottom boat cruise

Sail from beach to beach along the east coast of Mallorca in a glass bottom boat and discover all the beautiful hidden gems, caves and coves. During your trip you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear turquoise water, do sunbathing on the deck and take pictures of the paradise island while relaxing in good company.

rent a bike in sa coma mallorca

Rent a bike

Cycling is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports you can do in Mallorca, all year round. The great infrastructure of asphalted roads allows you to get almost anywhere on the island. You can of course also choose to stay around the local area where you can bicycle to stunning small beaches and incredible lookout points. You can also visit the charming village of Sant Llorenc or go to Porto Cristo to experience the famous Dragon Caves.

the nature of the punta amer peninsula is a beautiful and scenic place to walk

Discover the Balearic wildlife

If you love nature, then you will certainly love Sa Coma! In the northern part of the area, the headland and nature park of Punta de n’Amer extends from the coast where hundreds of different species live. This is the perfect place for watching birds, absorb the scents of unspoiled Mediterranean nature and enjoy strolling around under the sun.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

the punta amer castle fortress in sant llorenc

Castell de sa Punta de n’Amer

At the highest point of the Punta de n’Amer headland you will find an old fortress known as “es Castell”. The fortress was erected in a time when Mallorca was subject to numerous brutal  pirate raids with fatal consequences. The fortress feature an exhibition space of weapons, a lookput platform and a little cafeteria located in old barracks. The fortress was last used during the Spanish Civil War when Republican troops attempted to break Franco’s supporters.

From Sa Coma

  • < 1 km

  • N/A

The caves of Cuevas del Drach in a major tourist attraction in Porto Cristo

Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves)

One of Mallorca’s major tourist attractions is located less than 10 minutes from Sa Coma, namely the Cuevas del Drach. These fascinating underground caves of hundreds of thousands of stalagmites and stalactites that has been created throughout millions of years makes for a memorable trip suitable for all ages. At the bottom of the caves you will discover the largest underground lake in Europe, Lago Martel. Here, an orchestra will perform a classical concert for you and you can jump in one of the boats and go for a sail in the illuminated caves.

From Sa Coma

  • ~8 km

  • ~10€

Visit the Cuevas de Arta in Canyamel


One of the great tourist attractions close to Cala Bona, is the Cuevas de Ártà, or simply, the Caves of Ártà. Come discover the fascinating world of stalagmites and stalactites illuminated by colorful light creating a cabinet of mysterious silhouettes. This attraction is for both young and adults to enjoy, so don’t turn it down.

From Sa Coma

  • ~18 km

  • ~20€

cuevas del hams are an tourist attraction in porto cristo

Cuevas del Hams

Cuevas del Hams, also known as “the fishhook caves”, are another set of caves found in the nearby area of Porto Cristo. These caves are a little less hyped that the other two, however, still spectacular and interesting to see. Moreover, a visit here will also grant access to a small botanical area where you will learn about the local environment and wildlife.

From Sa Coma

  • ~8 km

  • ~10€

Nearby Points of Interest

If you are in the mood for discovering some of the local landmarks and points of interest, you should go to either Sant Llorenç village or Manacor town. Both places are within a short drive from Sa Coma and both have their own separate appeal. Sant Llorenç is perhaps best visited on market days (Thursdays) where you will meet a bit more life in the streets, while Manacor is a larger town full of shopping options and restaurants.

Sant Llorenç

From Sa Coma

  • ~16 km

  • ~18€

Parochial church of Sant llorenc in Mallorca

Parish church of Sant Llorenç

The Neoclassical parish church of Sant Llorenç is a symbol of the local community. The church feature a small art museum of works collected over the years, som of these by local painter Miquel Pons.

Rectory building in regionalism style in Sant Llorenc

Rectory of Sant Llorenç

The rectory building of Sant Llorenç date from the 14th century, one of the oldest constructions in the village. The building has also been a Catholic culture center, as well as functioned as a school. The new facade from the early 20th century marks the influence of Regionalism in the area.

Rectory building in regionalism style in Sant Llorenc

Rectory of Sant Llorenç

The rectory building of Sant Llorenç date from the 14th century, one of the oldest constructions in the village. The building has also been a Catholic culture center, as well as functioned as a school. The new facade from the early 20th century marks the influence of Regionalism in the area.

Beaches in Sa Coma

Sa Coma in Mallorca beach holiday

Blue flagYes
First aidYes
Wheelchair accessYes


There are a number of events in Sa Coma every year that range between craft markets and traditional celebrations.

Summer market

Every summer, between May and October, the weekly evening market is held on Wednesdays from 7 pm. The market lives up the streets of Sa Coma with people browsing the thousands of local products before or after going to restaurants and bars.

Other markets

Sant Llorenç des Cardassar: Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm.

Son Carrió: Fridays from 8 am to 1 pm


Festes Sa Coma

Every year during the third week of July, Sa Coma celebrates itself with a range of fun activities aimed at tourists. There will be a series of sports competitions, games, markets, exhibitions, concerts and of course, plenty of food. One of the main highlights of the festival, is the Nits Multiculturals (Multicultural Night), a gastronomic night fair accompanied by various live bands. The bars and restaurants of Sa Coma are together in arranging this tasteful event, where you can taste the chef’s take on different international dishes. There is also a big paella competition.

Location and map

From Palma airport

Approx. 70 km
Approx. 60 min
Approx. 80€

The Llevant region

Llevant has its name from the Serra de Llevant mountain range that dominates the norther landscapes of the region. Llevant is an exciting region to travel in; you get wonderful beaches, impressive mountains, scenic nature, interesting heritage and a wonderful combination of authenticity and modern tourism.


Artà is the cultural capital of the east side of Mallorca, the town and surrounding area is like an open-air museum exhibiting the most emblematic building constructions on this side of the island. Artà is a great choice of holiday base if luxury and romance is to be combined. The accommodation and holiday offers in Artà are plenty and indeed versatile, because you can choose from fincas, flats, villas, hotels and agroturismos, you can even choose if you want an urban holiday base or a rural countryside oasis. The local area of Artà is full of treasures and cultural heritage, exhibiting the long and interesting history, such as the fortified church of Sant Salvador, the talayotic village of Ses Païsses and the many impressive manors documenting the wealth of the area. Artà is also the gate to the Llevant mountain park where amazing and scenic wildlife and vegetation awaits you, along with breathtaking viewpoints and historical constructions. If you have not yet visited Artà, now is the time.

Cala Bona

Cala Bona is the perfect destination on the east coast if you are looking for an atmospheric and lively restaurant environment and charming harbor area. Cala Bona is great for couples and small children families, who come to the Mallorcan east coast to enjoy the versatile area and international audiences. Cala Bona offers a wealth of charming sea front holiday rentals, as well as a wide selection of superb hotels for both families and adults only. You want to choose Cala Bona for your holiday on the north east side, if you want to mingle in a charming marina area.

Cala Millor

Cala Millor offers you a 2 km wide sandy beach, hundreds of bars and restaurants, modern amenities, simply an all-round family fun holiday destination on the Mallorcas east coast. Holiday offers in Cala Millor includes beach front holiday flats and modern family hotels, packed with all modern facilities and amenities to create the perfect frame for your holiday here in Cala Millor. Cala Millor attracts an international audience, so you are sure to find dishes all all kinds in the restaurants and bars.

Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is a charming old fishing village located on the northeastern tip of Mallorca. Cala Ratjada accommodates both adult couples, families traveling with children and infants and groups of friends traveling together. Holiday offers in Cala Ratjada consist of modern flats, villas and hotels in the town, some even with sea and beach front location. You want to travel to Cala Ratjada for activity offers, vibrant restaurant life and international audience.

Cales de Mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is a young holiday destination found on the east coast of Mallorca. This purpose-built holiday destination enjoys two wonderful golden beaches, all brand new hotels and a great location close to infrastructure. In other words, this is a destination made to accommodate diversity and versatility.


Canyamel is a golfers favorite holiday destination when it comes to sea and beach resorts. Canyamel offers a fantastic selection of adults only hotels and holiday rentals for you to choose from. Canyamel is a great choice for romance and active holidays on the Mallorcan north east coast, especially golfers and cyclists loves Canyamel for its great location close to some of the best and most challenging golf courses on Mallorca, and the hilly terrain with asphalt roads. Canyamel is renown for its selection of luxury hotels and resorts, meaning that the audience here are adults only.


Capdepera is a cozy and charming little village isolated at the top of a mountain, offering stunning views overlooking the shorelines and the Llevant mountains. Capdepera is home to the emblematic old castle of same name, from where you can see all the way to Menorca. Accommodation offers in Capdepera include an famous luxury agrotourismo (producing finca/farm), and some lovely holiday villas and flats for rent. Capdepera is located close to the nature and marina area in Cala Ratjada, resulting in a versatile luxury destination

Font de sa Cala

Font de sa Cala is a small holiday resort located in the north eastern area of Mallorca, close to Canyamel and Capdepera. Font de sa Cala is an obvious choice for adults looking for a romantic and picturesque holiday resort located in solitude in a small cove on the north-east coast. Accommodation and holiday offers in Font de sa Cala, are stunning hotels with seafront location and charming villas and flats for rent for you who wants to go self-catered. Regardless of your preferences, Font de sa Cala has all facilities and amenities to spoil you and your partner.


Manacor is the second largest city on Mallorca. Manacor holds a big cultural heritage and offers a wealth of interesting places of interest to explore and indulge in. Accommodation offers in Manacor are many, and the area also attracts a mixed audience due to its enormous size. However, Manacor is especially loved by people who wants a little of everything, but still enjoys a withdrawn holiday base in tranquil surroundings. Many accommodations offers in Manacor are fincas and villas situated in the rural countryside around the city, allowing direct access to the huge network of country roads.

Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo is the perfect holiday destination on the Mallorcan east coast if you fancy a charming marina area with many restaurants, cosy atmosphere and amazing views over the sea. Porto Cristo is almost full of tourists every day during the summer season, because of the world-famous stalactite caves, Cuevas del Drach, which gives the town a vibrant and lively atmosphere. Porto Cristo is mainly an adult holiday destination, where the good life and relaxation is in focus.

Sant Llorenc des Cardassar

Sant Llorenc des Cardassar is a rural village that not everyone hears about. Sant Llorenc is a great choice of holiday base, if you are looking to escape the mass tourism on the island, but still have good access to a versatile scenario of fresh countryside and beaches. Accommodation and holiday offers in Sant Llorenc are many, and very different, however, recommended is on of the finca or petit hotels in the area, offering serenity and luxury for you and your partner.

Son Servera

Son Servera is a small and sleepy village located a few kilometres inland from the popular summer holiday destination of Cala Bona. Son Servera is particularly popular among golfers, hence of the many challenging and beautiful golf courses situated in the nearby area. Accommodation and holiday offers in Son Servera includes some of the most charming and romantic finca hotels and luxury resorts in the local area, a guarantee for the perfect escape.


s’Illot is a rather small beach resort located on the east coast of Mallorca close to Sa Coma. s’Illot is popular amongst adults and active tourists, who come to enjoy romance and the many activity offers in the surrounding area. s’Illot is a good resort to visit most year round, except maybe November – March where it is too cold on the east coast, thus no restaurants and bars are open. Choose holiday in s’Illot if you are looking for adult audience and a more intimate feeling.

Weather and climate



Tourist info

  • Emergency: 112
  • National police: 091
  • Local police: 092
  • Guarda civil: 062
  • Fire: 080
  • Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

Sa Coma tourist office

March – October: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Avinguda les Palmeres

Tel. (+34) 971 810 892


Find an open pharmacy in Sa Coma

To find an open pharmacy, or opening hours of a certain pharmacy, simply follow the link below to search a nearby local pharmacy.

When on the page, select ‘Mallorca’ from the list and then select the town you need a pharmacy in from the drop down list.

DestinationApproximate price
Port de Pollença52€
Porto Cristo27€

Public transport to/from Sa Coma

A42 - Airport - Sa Coma
Timetables and stops for A42 here

  • Airport
  • Montuïri
  • Vilafranca de Bonany
  • Manacor
  • Porto Cristo
  • s’Illot
  • Sa Coma
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Bona

412 - Son Servera - Palma
See timetables and stops on line 412 here

  • Son Servera
  • Costa dels Pins
  • Port Vell
  • Port Verd
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Bona
  • sa Coma
  • s’Illot
  • Porto Cristo
  • Coves Drac
  • Coves Hams
  • Manacor
  • Vilafranca
  • Montuïri
  • Algaida
  • Palma

441 - Cuevas del Drach - Cala Ratjada
See timetables and stops on line 441 here

  • Cuevas del Drach
  • Portocristo
  • s’Illot
  • sa Coma
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Bona
  • Port Verd
  • Port Vell
  • Capdepera
  • Cala Rajada

454 - Ca'n Pastilla - Cala Bona
See timetables and stops on line 454 here

  • Can Pastilla
  • Platja de Palma
  • Manacor
  • Coves Hams
  • Coves Drac
  • Portocristo
  • s’Illot
  • sa Coma
  • Cala Millor
  • Cala Bona

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