Maria de la Salut local guide

Accommodation offers in Maria de la Salut

Agroturism is the big hit in Maria de la Salut – total relaxation in a luxury farm with its own production.

In addition to the aforementioned Roqueta manor house, you also find the more than 300 year old Deulosal watermill transformed into a wellness hotel with modern facilities.

Here you have access to the gardens where you can pick your own pebbles and tomatoes and lie on the barbecue or just enjoy them fresh from the pool by the pool.

Places of interest in Maria and the surrounding areas

We have have combined a cultural route that leads through the main area of the municipality, and shows you the most important buildings that has had a role in forming the local community.

Sights in Ariany

Well of Bo

Churches in Mallorca

Parish church of Mother Mary

Sights in Ariany

Village water supply

Sights in Sineu

Plaza of Saint Marcus

Sights in Ariany

Mirador de sa Creu

Sights in Sineu

Can Gili

Sights in Maria de la Salut

Ca’s Metge Monjo

Sights in Maria de la Salut

Finca Fontiroig (Font i Roig)

Sights in Ariany

First farm of Ariany

Sights in Maria de la Salut

Finca Roqueta

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Atotxa

Sights in Maria de la Salut

Finca Maria and the evil count

Sights in Ariany

Old mill of Marinero

Sights in Sineu

Celler Son Toreo

Sights in Sineu

Rectory of Sineu

Sights in Sineu


Monasteries & Convents

Convent of Minims / Town Hall

The market in Maria de la Salut, is held every Friday morning in the central square of the village, Placa des Pou. The market is a traditional of its kind, with stalls of various meets, cheeses, vegetables and crafts.

Bonus market:

Every year, the last Sunday in September, one of Mallorca’s more popular markets is held, namely a huge second hand market. Here you will find lots of clothing brands, interior decoration and much more, available at a particularly advantageous price due to the variety of people – watch out for ‘Es Baratillo d’es Pla’. Other events in Maria de la Salut also take place in August, September and January, Where you can experience singing, dancing, sports and much more in the streets.

Within approximately half an hour’s drive from Maria de la Salut, you will find the town of Alcúdia on Mallorca’s northern coastline. Alcúdia is world renowned for its white silky beaches, vibrant marketplace and ability to attract visitors in general.

The flat landscape around Maria de la Salut, makes it a dream scene for any cyclist, roller skater, runner, walker or anyone eager to feel the fresh countryside air.

Everything from the traditional Mallorcan Mediterranean cuisine to the tasty tapas is found in Maria de la Salut.

Although the city actually only has a small handful of restaurants, their repertoire is like several of the island’s larger towns.

Experience the family-driven passion that burns to carry on the noble food culture.

Maria de la Salut, is a small pleasant agricultural town with about 2,000 inhabitants, in the northern part of Mallorca’s es Pla region.

Maria de la Salut, is the perfect break or get-away destination for a holiday where body and mind combines with Mallorca’s beautiful scenery.

Whether you are hiking, cycling, looking for village idyll, Maria de la Salut is a great choice to escape mass tourism and everyday stress, even if you’re just passing through it.

Maria de la Salut, is located in the heart of the es Pla region of Mallorca

Infographic municipalities Pla de Mallorca

The Pla de Mallorca region

Pla de Mallorca is a region consisting of municipalities located in the geographical centre of Mallorca. Pla de Mallorca has gotten its name from the plain flat countryside that dominates most of the local areas in the region, only with exception of a few. When you travel in the Pla region, you will notice that tourism is far from the main source of income in strong contrast to the many coastal areas of the island. Out here, agriculture and production are the main sources of income and occupies most people. What makes Pla de Mallorca an interesting region to travel in, is the authenticity and charm that dominates these rural districts. Moreover, travelling around in the Pla region is really easy due to the great infrastructure, broad roads, low traffic load and flat landscape.
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