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In the part of Ca’n Picafort called Son Baulo, you will find the natural area of Son Real, an area of diversified nature and rich cultural heritage. The area is one of the most important in terms of telling the story of the Balearic islands and the human occupation of these. In the Son Real area, you can look forward to discover a flourishing wildlife of Balearic species, both animals and plants, as well as excavations of important prehistoric sites such as talayotic settlements and burial sites.

S'Albufera wetlands and nature park in Mallorca


The wetlands of s’Albufera is the largest of its kind on the Balearic islands covering a surface of 1646,48 hectares. The area was declared protected as special natural heritage in 1998, and later special protection of birds. Needless to say, the s’Albufera park is one of the best places close to Ca’n Picafort to do birdwatching and discover the one of the most hydrogenic areas of the island.


Ca’n Picafort is a great place to discover upcoming artistic talents and contemporary artworks. One of the most remarkable artworks has been constructed by Joan Bennàssar, 4 collections of sculptures of women located in the shallows along the beach. The sculptures represent desire, ritual, treasure and wound. Ca’n Picafort is also home to the art gallery of Marimón that aides to promote upcoming artists from the Balearic islands working with contemporary arts.

challenging golf course with bunkers in mallorca


Golf is one of the most popular sports practiced in Mallorca, the mild weather, many sunny hours and low rainfall makes the island the perfect place for this sport. Ca’n Picafort is located in short distance from some of the best golf courses of the island, Alcanada, Canyamel, Capdepera and Son Servera.

Beaches in Ca’n Picafort

sandy beach in the holiday destination of can picafort mallorca
Image: Platjes de Balears

Blue flagYes
First aidYes
Wheelchair accessYes

son baulo beach in can picafort mallorca
Image: Platjes de Balears

Blue flagYes
First aidYes
Wheelchair accessYes

Weekly Market in Ca’n Picafort

The weekly market in Ca’n Picafort is held on Fridays. The market is a great opportunity to get a good bargain on clothes, electronics, shoes, accessories, purses, bags, jewelry, crafts, equipment etc. But that’s not all, there are many stands at the market offering sweet pastries, fresh juicy fruits, meats and sausages, cheeses and olives that you can sample and discover the taste of Mallorca.

The market starts around 8 o’clock and ends around 2.


Festivities in Ca’n Picafort


Festes de la Mare de Déu d’agost

Around the middle of August, Ou Lady of August is celebrated in Ca’n Picafort. It is a festive week of sports, competitions, exhibitions and various shows and performances, and, of course, plenty of food and wine. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience some Mallorcan traditions in a joyful atmosphere.

About Ca’n Picafort

Ca’n Picafort is an old fishing village belonging to the municipality of Santa Margalida, a village located about 10 km inland. Up until the 1970’s, the area was still solely a fishing village comprising about 200 inhabitants. Today, Ca’n Picafort is a modern fully equipped beach resort offering more than 10,000 hotel beds.


History of Ca’n Picafort

The area in which Ca’n Picafort is located is one of the oldest on the Balearic island in terms of human occupation. First vestiges of human habitation derives from the pre-talayotic era, an undefined period before the talayotic culture that was in the 2nd millennium BC.

Some of the most interesting discoveries are done in the local area of Son Bauló in the eastern end of Ca’n Picafort. Here, there are impressive and very well-preserved remains of a necropolis of S’Illot des Porros and the Punta des Fenicis. as well as ancient constructions for habitation.

Also during the Roman period (123 BC – 435), the area seems to have been used for both burials and barracks.

During the Islamic era the property of Son Real arose. The Moors were excellent farmers implementing important water systems for agrarian cultivation of the lands. They built qanats and wells for transportation and storing of water.

In the late Middle Ages, the area starts to develop as a fishing community which it was up until the 1970’s. However, already in the late 19th century, Ca’n Picafort started to develop as a holiday destination and got its name. It was the wealthy and influential Jeroni Fuster, who built a small house out here called “Ca’n Picafort”, and he received the nickname of “Picafort”. The name is meant to refer to the itchy feeling you get after being stung by a mosquito.

The harbor is still used for fishing, however, reduced to very limited quote. Since the late 1960’s, Ca’n Picafort has been under constant development as a modern tourist destination full of amenities to accommodate holidaymakers from all over the world.

Where is Ca’n Picafort located in Mallorca?

Ca’n Picafort is located on the northern cape of Mallorca, in the eastern end of the bay of Alcúdia.

From Palma airport

65 km
55 min

The Pla de Mallorca region

Pla de Mallorca is a region consisting of municipalities located in the geographical centre of Mallorca. Pla de Mallorca has gotten its name from the plain flat countryside that dominates most of the local areas in the region, only with exception of a few. When you travel in the Pla region, you will notice that tourism is far from the main source of income in strong contrast to the many coastal areas of the island. Out here, agriculture and production are the main sources of income and occupies most people.

What makes Pla de Mallorca an interesting region to travel in, is the authenticity and charm that dominates these rural districts. Moreover, traveling around in the Pla region is really easy due to the great infrastructure, broad roads, low traffic load and flat landscape.


Algaida is to many people the manifestation of the Mallorcan soul and cultural heritage. The town carries a rich and long history going all the way back to the Catalan conquest of Mallorca, stunning nature and an indulging kitchen. Algaida is a great place to spend your rural holiday on Mallorca, because of the unique location just 20 minutes from Palma. Accommodation in Algaida is just as unique; do yourself a favor and try a few days at the epic sanctuary of Cura and enjoy the most amazing views overlooking the bay of Palma and the stunning countryside.

Discover Algaida


Ariany is a small and sleepy village in the north-eastern area of the es Pla region. Ariany is beautifully situated on top of a hill allowing for stunning views overlooking the rural countryside up here. Selecting Ariany as your holiday destination in the rural Mallorca, means complete solitude and tranquility. There is almost no noise in this area, no car traffic and no stress.

Discover Ariany


Costitx is one of the smallest villages in the es Pla region out here on the rural countryside, yet one of the most popular holiday destinations amongst tourists looking for beauty, tranquillity and rural ambience. Costitx is well-known for its many interesting places of interest to explore closer, therefore, it is not a rare sight to see tourists walking or driving in the local area with the cameras ready. Your accommodation in Costitx will be in one of the many beautiful fincas or villas in the rural surroundings, offering modern yet authentic facilities.

Discover Costitx

Lloret de Vistalegre

Explore rich agricultural heritage of the es Pla region, Mediterranean wildlife and vegetation, while relaxing and enjoying in the charming village life of Lloret. Accommodation offers in Lloret consists of charming fincas and villas situated in the surrounding countryside around the village itself. There are also a few holiday rentals and flats inside the village, if you really want to get close to the local community and the soul of Lloret.

Discover Lloret de Vistalegre


Llubí is known as the “honey town” of Mallorca, due to its rich traditions within beekeeping and honey production. In Llubí, you can enjoy real silence, an undisturbed and unspoiled agricultural area that has not yet seen much impact from tourism. Llubí only have one single boutique hotel in the village itself, meaning that most accommodation here is fincas and villas in the rural areas surrounding the town. You should choose Llubí as your rural holiday destination, if you are going self-catered and want to enjoy the tranquillity and central location of this base.

Discover Llubí

Maria de la Salut

Historic old fincas and agritourism is what can you expect to find in Maria de la Salut, an old and wealthy area in the northern part of es Pla. Located in the northern areas of Mallorca, Maria de la Salut makes a perfect rural holiday destination if you want to combine the windless countryside with fresh sea breezes found in the bay of Alcúdia running not far from here. Recommended accommodation in Maria de la Salut, includes the historic olive farm and agritourismo of Roqueta and the rebuilt finca hotel of Finca Son i Roig named after one of the children of the village.

Discover Maria de la Salut


Medieval village located at the summit of a mountain here in the middle of everything. Montuïri offers a wealth of stunning natural spaces to explore. Moreover, Montuïri is home to the emblematic prehistoric settlement of Son Fornés. Your rural holiday in Montuïri can be in a finca situated in solitude, or in the amazing SPA & Wellness hotel of Can Manera. Whatever choice triggers you the most, you are sure to meet the real soul of Mallorca here in Montuïiri.

Discover Montuïri


Muro is mostly known for its popular summer holiday destination of Playa de Muro, but the main town holds a great treasure of local cultural heritage and charming village life. Muro is located in the northern part of the es Pla region, allowing for easy access to the coastline in the Alcúdia bay, as well as the many great roads for road cycling. Accommodation offers in Muro includes some amazing and very charming rebuilt fincas and finca hotels, offering every facility and amenity to complete the perfect rural holiday in Muro.

Discover Muro


One of the most pastoral and charming little villages in the rural heart of Mallorca. The village breaks record of how many religious buildings a village of this size can hold, nevertheless, it offers a great selection of places of interest to explore, as well as ambient bars and restaurants. Choosing accommodation for your rural holiday in Petra, typically includes a charming finca or agroturismo in the local area, especially the latter is highly recommended trying here. Another choice is the cozy and charming small boutique hotel situated in the very heart of Petra.

Discover Petra

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro is the perfect holiday destination in the north of Mallorca if you are looking for stunning beaches and a versatile local area. Playa de Muro offers a wealth of fantastic accommodation options, thus more than 500 local restaurants and bars. You probably won’t associate Playa de Muro with a typical Mallorcan rural holiday, and during high season it probably isn’t either, but that the charm of this huge area, it is indeed versatile. During autumn, winter and spring, Playa de Muro is packed with active tourists enjoying the combination of beach and rural countryside.


Porreres is located in the southern area of es Pla, a wonderful small village with a rich cultural heritage to explore and indulge in. When it comes to accommodation in Porreres, it is highly recommended to go for one of the agroturismos in the local area, producing fincas equipped with all modern facilities and amenities to complete your perfect rural holiday on Mallorca. The village of Porreres is quite interesting too, a bunch of new and interesting restaurants has seen the light here in the middle of the traditional urban core, giving you even more dining options to choose from.

Discover Porreres

Sant Joan

Sant Joan is the core essence of Mallorcan agriculture, located in the heart of the island. The area is so agricultural, that each year an entire fair dedicated to agritourism is held here in the town. Choose Sant Joan as your rural holiday destination, if you are attracted to silence and solitude, because that is what you will find here among the many interesting places of interest and fields of almond trees covering the surface. Moreover, Sant Joan enjoys a central location in the Pla region, allowing for easy access to most other small villages in the region.

Discover Sant Joan

Santa Eugènia

Santa Eugénia exemplifies an agricultural rural escape, yet keeps its touch to bigger urban areas. Santa Eugènia is located in scenic nature, with great views and surrounding by a varied natural environment. Santa Eugenia enjoys a unique location just a 10 minute drive from Palma, yet not a sound of a car is to be heard out here. Choose Santa Eugenia for your rural holiday, if you want luxury and access. Especially golfers rents fincas and villas in Santa Eugènia because of the many golf courses close by.

Discover Santa Eugenia


Sencelles is located in the heart of es Pla and exemplifies what es Pla is, an agricultural community developed throughout thousands of years. Sencelles consist of the town itself, with three other small hamlets located in the nearby area. Accommodation offers in Sencelles are petit finca hotels in the rural countryside and holiday villas for rent. You will find everything you need for your rural Mallorcan holiday in Sencelles thus a wonderful central location.

Discover Sencelles


Sineu was home to the first jurisdiction of the rural areas on Mallorca, thus home the king’s summer palace. Sineu is by locals not only seen as the heart of Mallorca, but as the heart of the world. Sineu is very popular among tourists on Wednesdays when one of the biggest markets on Mallorca is held in the town. Accommodation offers in Sineu includes some of the most charming rustic fincas in the local area equipped with everything you need to complete the perfect rural holiday here.

Discover Sineu

Vilafranca de Bonany

Known as the “melon town” of Mallorca, no doubt you are in for a tasteful experience when visiting Vilafranca de Bonany here in the centre of Mallorca. Accommodation offers in Vilafranca de Bonany mainly consist of rebuilt fincas and villas in the surrounding countryside, offering true tranquillity and solitude to the self-catered rural holidaymaker.

Discover Vilafranca de Bonany

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  • Emergency: 112
  • National police: 091
  • Local police: 092
  • Guarda civil: 062
  • Fire: 080
  • Maritime emergencies: 900 202 202

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To find an open pharmacy, or opening hours of a certain pharmacy, simply follow the link below to search a nearby local pharmacy.

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Tel. (+34) 971 549 691

DestinationApproximate price
Airport60 €
Palma center50 €
Port de Pollença10 €
Inca30 €
Valldemossa70 €
Sineu40 €

352 - Ca'n Picafort - Port de Pollença
Timetables and stops for 352 here

  • Can Picafort
  • Can Picafort (Son Bauló)
  • Platja de Muro (Càmping)
  • Platja de Muro
  • Platja d’Alcúdia
  • Port d’Alcúdia
  • Alcúdia
  • Port de Pollença (Club del Sol)
  • Port de Pollença

A32 - Airport - Ca'n Picafort
Timetables and stops for 352 here

  • Can Picafort
  • Platja de Muro (Càmping)
  • Platja de Muro
  • Platja d’Alcúdia
  • Port d’Alcúdia
  • Alcúdia
  • Inca (Llevant)
  • Airport

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