Muro is a typical Mallorcan village from the rural areas of the island, with a lot of soul and character

Muro local guide

Accommodation offers in Muro

The many centuries of wealth of Muro has resulted in an extensive collection of majestic manor houses, which has later been transformed to accommodation offers.

Local sights and places of interest to visit in Muro

Muro offers some interesting places to visit, all free! Visiting these places will surely teach you a whole lot more about Mallorca than most other places you can find close by. The old bullring is a must-see building, even though it is closed for the public. The small Chapel of Blood, is one of the first church constructions still well-preserved from the early 1400’s and the massive parish church in the heart of the town has become an icon of this area. Another thing you cannot miss when in Muro, is the ethnological museum situated in an old mansion in Carrer Major. The museum offers an outstanding collection of artifacts, furniture and tools exhibiting life in rural Mallorca throughout the Middle Ages.

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Muro offers all kinds of activities to indulge in. The flat landscapes and extensive network of asphalted country roads out here makes the area perfect for cycling.

If cycling is not your thing, you have the coastal area of Playa de Muro just a 10 minutes drive from the old town. The beach of Muro is part of the 14 km wide bay of Alcúdia, packed with all kinds of amenities, white silky soft sand and low water as far as the eye can see.

The natural reserve of s’Albufereta is a wetland located just north of Muro, and home to 200 species of Mediterranean wildlife. This area is protected and a paradise to any birdwatcher or nature lover.

You cannot eat in Muro or the neighbouring town of Sa Pobla, without trying fresh eel caught from the natural wetland reserve of s’Albufereta. In these areas up here, a local specialty is the Ensaimadas, which is a closed pie stuffed with meats and vegetables.

The weekly market is held every Sunday morning in the centre of the old town. The market is not quite as popular among tourists as the extensive market held in Alcúdia also on Sundays and on Tuesdays.

Muro old town was founded back in the 14th century, when the Catalan knights conquered the island from the Moors. The area became known as Muruh, which in Spanish is translated to murillo meaning wall. The reason for this, is because of the many old fortifications in the area and because of the natural quarries.

As you arrive in Muro old town, you will soon notice how most of the buildings here are made of sandstones from these quarries. Construction has since the 16th century been the main source of income in the area.

But it is not just construction and sandstone production that has made Muro a part of the economical elite of Mallorca. The Romans and Moors both cultivated the soil of the area increasing the fertility, which has resulted in the rich agricultural heritage that made Muro a wealthy area. The area continuously attracted tradesmen and investors, an evidence of the rich trade culture is seen in the railway tracks and station building outside town.

Today, Muro is still a wealthy area, however, the main source of income comes from tourism.

Where to find Muro old town?
Muro old town is located in the northern part of Mallorca, just south of the popular holiday destination, Playa de Muro.

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