Sant Joan is a great choice of holiday destination if you are looking for rural tranquility, fresh countryside air and local atmosphere.

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Sant Joan is the perfect destination for a relaxing and tranquil rural holiday base. The central location of the area makes it easy to reach every corner of the island within a reasonable time. The accommodation in Sant Joan offers charming rustic old fincas, completely modernized to fit any need.

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Sant Joan is one of the best places to learn about the Mallorcan agriculture and how life on Mallorca has been throughout recent centuries. .

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Eating in Sant Joan means digesting a whole lot more than just food; it’s a much more intimate experience, because you eat with locals in restaurants and eateries that are not totally geared up to accommodate tourism or fancy dining.

The dishes you find here, are typical Spanish, Mallorcan and Mediterranean dishes with meats like pork and lamb, fresh vegetables and other local produce. Naturally, you can also choose from a wide selection of fish and shellfish dishes such as Paella or cod.

As an agricultural area, there are a lot of great tasting local products to try. The area is especially well-known for its wheat and garlics.

With a such well organized infrastructure of connected roads and great location, activities such as road cycling is an obvious idea. However, there are plenty of other interesting and exciting activities to indulge in.

Many tourists enjoy walking and hiking out here in the rural countryside air, inhaling the true Mallorcan spirit. There are a lot of local places of interest that makes for obvious excursions by foot.

If golfing is your thing, you are no more than just a 30-minute drive from the championship court of Son Antem down in Llucmajor.

Thursday morning is market day in Sant Joan. The market is held in Carrer Major next to the massive parish church in the centre of the village. This is a great opportunity to meet the local community, buy some fresh local products to bring back to your finca or villa and sample some delicious local meats and cheeses. The rural districts of Mallorca is particularly known for black pork and sobrassada sausage.

If you want a bigger marketplace, head to nearby town of Sineu on Wednesdays for the biggest market on Mallorca. The market in Sineu is very advertised and tourist busses bring thoussands of tourists here to experience the market. Don’t be scared of the massive tourism, because the market in Sineu is definitely something everyone should experience.

Sant Joan is located in the very heart of Mallorca, in the rural es Pla region. Out here on the heath, far from sandy beaches and mass tourism, rules the spirit of traditional agricultural Mallorcan charm and soul.

The landscapes dominating the area around Sant Joan, is full of colourful fields of almond and olive trees that switches between green, white and pink colours in scenic symphonies.

The town of Sant Joan, is what you would probably expect it to be; small, narrow stony streets and with the parish church rising majestically in the heart. But it is only in Mallorcan villages such as Sant Joan, that you will experience people leaving their doors and windows open when leaving their houses, it enhances the feeling of being somewhere completely untroubled.The house facades exemplifies the typical Mallorcan architectural style, with olive green shutters on doors and windows and rustic stones.

The village itself is situated between some of the highest hills in the area, which gives you a truly amazing view of both rural countryside and mountainous contrast.

The name of the village derives back from the Catalan conquest of Mallorca in 1229, where a Portuguese knight named Sant Joan de Verí, helped king James in his military campaign.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Sant Joan became a true pioneer town thanks to Antoni Oliver, owner of the els Calderers finca, who had travelled all over Europe to learn agricultural techniques, new ways of farming was introduced. From this time on, Sant Joan was known as the agricultural town of Mallorca.

Sant Joan is located in the heart of Mallorca, in the rural region calles es Pla. The municipality borders other pastoral villages such as Montuïri, Vilafranca, Sineu, Petra and Lloret.

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The Pla de Mallorca region

Pla de Mallorca is a region consisting of municipalities located in the geographical centre of Mallorca. Pla de Mallorca has gotten its name from the plain flat countryside that dominates most of the local areas in the region, only with exception of a few. When you travel in the Pla region, you will notice that tourism is far from the main source of income in strong contrast to the many coastal areas of the island. Out here, agriculture and production are the main sources of income and occupies most people. What makes Pla de Mallorca an interesting region to travel in, is the authenticity and charm that dominates these rural districts. Moreover, travelling around in the Pla region is really easy due to the great infrastructure, broad roads, low traffic load and flat landscape.
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