Porto Cristo LOCAL guide & accommodation

Accommodation offers in Porto Cristo

As said, Porto Cristo now attracts a more mature audience, than it did just 20 years ago. However, you can bring your children, as some of the hotels here offers great amenities for children in all ages.

There not a lot of hotels to choose from in Porto Cristo, but those that are, are quite good.

You can also choose to go for a holiday rental in an apartment or villa, for a more quiet base.


Things to see around Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo, is home to the world famous stalactite caves, Cuevas del Drach. This is quite a tourist attraction, but nevertheless an amazing sight if you haven’t seen a cave like this before. You will be sailing in a small boat, on the world’s biggest underground lake, accompanied by classical music and thousands of coloured lights.

If you want to explore more of the Majorcan soul, I’d advice you to rent a car for a few days.

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Porto Cristo

Sights in Porto Cristo

Cuevas del Drach

Churches in Mallorca

Church of our Lady of Sorrows

Sights in Manacor

Moli d’en Polit

Sights in Porto Cristo

Falcon Tower

Sights in Porto Cristo

Coves Blanques

Sights in Manacor

Molí d’en Fraret

Sights in Porto Cristo

Cuevas del Hams

Sights in Porto Cristo

Sirena the Mermaid

Some of the best restaurants in Porto Cristo, are found around the beautiful marina. The harbour here, used to be an active fishing port, but nowadays it more a yacht dock. However, the fishing industry is still alive here, and therefore, you want to try the fish and shellfish dishes when dining here, it is absolutely marvelous!

If beach and beach activities are your thing, Platja de Porto Cristo is close by, offering 350 meters of golden sandy beach and crystal clear low waters. 20 minutes south of Porto Cristo, is the natural beach of Cala Vasques, hidden in a cove behind a wooden area. Signs will guide you there.

Other very popular activities and sports in Porto Cristo, includes golfing, tennis, diving, cycling and sailing.

Every Sunday morning, a small market is held here in Porto Cristo, where you can haggle yourself to a good deal on leather goods or local produce.

Where to find Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo is located on the coastline of Manacor.

Other wonderful destinations in the Llevant region

Llevant region location and info

The Llevant region

Llevant has its name from the Serra de Llevant mountain range that dominates the norther landscapes of the region. Llevant is an exciting region to travel in; you get wonderful beaches, impressive mountains, scenic nature, interesting heritage and a wonderful combination of authenticity and modern tourism.

Ártà is your choice of destination if you are looking for stunning nature to walk in, authentic hotel and dining experiences and cosy town life. Ártà has something for almost every holidaymaker looking for a romantic and authentic destination with luxurious accommodation offers and exclusive feeling. Arta romantic holidays

hotel with great sea views in cala bona mallorca
cala bona

Cala Bona is one of the smaller holiday destinations in Llevant, nevertheless, one of the most popular. Cala Bona is a great destination for both romantic couples and families with small children. The stunning beach and the old fishing harbour makes a great scene for all types of holidaymakers. Cala Bona destination info

Cala Millor is a holiday destination in Mallorcas Llevant region
cala millor

Cala Millor is the largest beach holiday area on the east coast of Mallorca, featuring a wide sandy beach that stretches over 1.2 km. Cala Millor offers a wide array of accommodation options, bars, restaurants and activities for all ages and holidaymakers. Visit Cala Millor

Cala Ratjada is a popular destination in Llevant in Mallorca
cala ratjada

Cala Ratjada is located on the very northeastern tip of Mallorca. Cala Ratjada offers 3 nice sandy beaches, a charming and lively old harbour area, many bars, restaurants and shops, as well as various accommodation types to suit just about every holidaymaker. Cala Ratjada is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for a versatile area with plenty of activity offers and things to do. Visit Cala Ratjada

Cales de Mallorca is a travel destination in the Llevant region
cales de mallorca

Cales de Mallorca is the newest purpose-built holiday resort in Mallorca, beautifully located on the coast of Manacor. Cales de Mallorca is a great choice of holiday base in Mallorca, if you are looking for an all-round area that has got everything covered from A-Z top give you a relaxing stay with the family. Cales de Mallorca has two wonderful golden sandy beaches fully equipped. Visit Cales de Mallorca

Canyamel a destination in the Llevant region of Mallorca

Canyamel is an exclusive holiday destination located north of Cala Bona in the municipality of Capdepera. Canyamel is reknown for its golf courses and lavish hotels, which makes this destination an adult paradise. Visit Canyamel

capdepera is one of the travel destinations in Llevant in Mallorca

Capdepera is an excellent choice of holiday destination in Mallorca if you are looking for a quiet relaxing base yet in short distance to beaches, activity offers, restaurants etc. Capdepera is located just a few kilometers from popular beach resorts such as Canyamel, Cala Ratjada and Font de sa Cala. The area is reknown for its many challening golf courses, its medieval cosy village life and its landmark, the well-preserved Castle of Capdepera. Visit Capdepera

Font de sa Cala a destination in the Llevant region of Mallorca
font de sa cala

Font de sa Cala is a rather new and unknown holiday destination located between Canyamel and Cala Ratjada on the northeast coast of Mallorca. Font de sa Cala is a good choice if you are traveling with small children not demanding much activity offers but those found on the hotel, or if you are a romantic couple looking for a tranquil beach area to relax. Visit Font de sa Cala

Manacor is one of the destinations in Llevant Mallorca

Manacor is a destination that has grown in popularity over the recent years, it has become quite attractive to cyclists and other active tourists looking for great place for restitution. Moreover, Manacor city is the second biggest in Mallorca that offers a wealth of culture and things to do such as sights, museums, bodegas and Mallorcan cellers. Visit Manacor

accommodation offers illot mallorca travel guide

Like Cala Bona, s’Illot is one of the smaller beach holiday destinations on the east coast of Mallorca. The area has a lot of returning holidaymakers which witnesses of a destination with a lot to offer. Especially families with small children will enjoy the wonderful sandy beach with plenty of space to play and relax. S’Illot things to do

hotels local travel guide sa coma mallorca
sa coma

Sa Coma is a very popular summer holiday destination on the east coast of Mallorca. Sa Coma offers a large range of hotels with fantastic views over the beach and sea from the balconies. Sa Coma is a great choice of destination if you are looking for an all-round resort on the east coast to accommodation family and friends. Sa Coma is a relatively new holiday resort, with modern facilities, international restaurants and superb new hotels to choose from. Sa Coma things to do

sant lorenc mallorca local tour guide
sant llorenc des cardassar

Sant Llorenc des Cardassar is a rural area and a great choice of holiday base if you are looking to escape the mass tourism on the island and enjoy some RnR in quiet authentic surroundings. Sant Llorenc is an obvious option if you are keen on trying the finca holiday experience in Mallorca, but not entirely ready to let go of the beaches and bars. Sant Llorenc finca holiday

son servera mallorca local tour guide
son servera

Son Servera is a great adult-friendly destination located in the northern part og the Llevant region. Son Servera mainly attracts active holidaymakers looking for an exclusive base with great access to lots of activity offers such as golf, tennis and open roads. Son Servera has a cozy little village and some interesting sights to explore. Son Servera golfing holiday

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