Portocolom is a great choice of holiday destination if you are looking for a versatile spacey area with an intimate feeling

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Hotel and accommodation offers in Portocolom

Portocolom offers different kinds of accommodation, and you need to decide whether you want to live close to the beach or to the town. You see, Portocolom is split in two parts, the north and sounth. The northern part of Portocolom, is where the marina and old harbour is at, while the southern part, is closer to the beach of Cala Marçal.

Most hotels here are like the area itself, themed to fit an adult and mature audience. This is also why Portocolom is a great place to look for holiday rentals.


Portocolom itself doesn’t really have any sights. Luckily, you won’t have to drive far before interesting stories start to occur. On the road between Portocolom and Felanitx, you will find the small restaurant, Café Son Colòm, that has a mini-museum showing evidence that Christopher Columbus was born right here.

Catsell de Santuari, is another of the must-sees in the area. A massive convent located on a nearby mountain top, offering the most amazing panoramic views over the entire east coast.

Most of the best restaurants in Portocolom, are located near, or at the marina. The restaurants in Portocolom, offers great service, and a wide selection of typical Majorcan dishes, and international favourites. No need to say, that in a fishing harbour like Portocolom, you want to go for fish or shellfish dishes.

Every year in late June, Portocolom hosts a food festival, celebrating the fishing industry of the Balearic’s. This event is open to the public, and a great way to really get in touch with the Majorcan culture, and stimulate every sense. Moreover, you can see chefs from 20 restaurants compete, in the skill of preparing octopus.

Wine enthusiasts have even more to look forward to, when visiting Portocolom. The area around Felanitx used to be one of the biggest wine producing districts in Mallorca before the phylloxera stroke in the late 1800’s.

Portocolom, is a great place for maritime adventures, such as diving, sailing and other water activities.

If beaching is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know, that Cala Marçal, is one of the most stunning natural beaches of the east coast.

Cycling, hiking, golf and climbing, are some of the other very popular activities and sports in Portocolom. Actually, a lot of the participants of ironman contests, are doing their preps here.

Portocolom does not have a weekly market, but you can visit the main town of Felanitx on Sundays for a big market.

Portocolom, is a charming old fishing harbour, located on the east coast of Majorca.

Portocolom is a great choice of holiday destination, if you’re looking for bit RnR, or adult time, as it mainly attracts a mature audience.

Keywords that describes Portocolom  the best are; food, charm and  culture.

Portocolom is located on the lower east coast of Mallorca, just above the popular holiday resort of Cala d’Or. The area belongs to the municipality of Felanitx.

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