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Alcanada local destination guide

Alcanada, or Aucanada (Catalan), is the name of the coastline extending from the harbor of Port d’Alcúdia on the La Victoria peninsula.

Things to do and see in Alcanada

Due to the excellent location, you have a great conditions for doing numerous outdoor activities such as bicycling, walking or water sports. Sports and physical activities are just some of the things to do in Alcanada, but there is also a treasury of cultural heritage to discover in the local area.

Catamaran cruise from Port de Alcúdia


If you are visiting during the summer, one of the best things to do is a cruise around the beautiful coastline of the northern part of Mallorca. Several times a day, catamarans departures from the harbor of Port d’Alcúdia that will take you to all the hidden gems that other tourists won’t see. Enjoy a nice lunch or refreshment onboard, do sunbathing on the deck and jump in the crystal clear water when the catamaran anchors in the little lagoons and coves.

Visit Alcúdia tourist market on Tuesdays and Sundays


The market in Alcúdia is one of the main attractions in this area. Every Tuesday and Sunday morning, the old town of Alcúdia is turned into a mecca of hundreds of stalls and stands. The streets are always crowded at the market, the haggling is going on everywhere you turn, scents and smells of fruits, delicacies and sweets mixes in the air and the atmosphere is vibrant. Visiting the Alcúdia market is also a great opportunity to get some sightseeing done, the old town offers a treasury of points of interest worth looking at.

Golfing at the golf court in Alcanada club


Alcanada is home to one of the most beautiful golf courses on the island, the Golf d’Alcanada. This stunning 18-hole course is situated on the gentle slopes next to the bay offering truly amazing views. Here, both experience beginners and pro’s are welcome, everyone is sure to find challenges and fun.

Visit the water park of Hidropark in Alcudia with your children


If you are traveling with minors or infants, then a visit to the Hidropark might be just what makes the vacation extra special to them. Hidropark is situated in Alcúdia, and the most family-oriented of all the water parks in Mallorca featuring fun slides, a water park for infants and a huge playground.

Vantage point for hikers in Alcanada, the Talaia de Victoria


Two of the highest points in the area are reachable by walking, both found on the same peninsula as Alcanada. These two places of interest offers the most breathtaking panoramic views of the bays of Alcúdia and Pollenca from their positions more than 400 meter above sea level. The difficulty of the walks is medium to difficult, however, very rewarding. Read about the old lookout of Sa Talaia or the old military base of Penya des Migdia.

Swim or sail to the lighthouse island of Alcanada in the bay of Alcudia


The small island on which the lighthouse of Alcanada is situated is a popular destination for swimmers and sun-bathers. When here, you have a soft grass underlay to rest on and almost no interuption from other people. From the island, you can also enjoy the views of the amazing Alcúdia bay that stretches impressive 14 km.

Art museum of Sa Bassa Blanca in Alcanada


One of the main attractions in the local area, is the art museum of Sa Bassa Blanca. The museum offers a treasury of impressive collections of various art works. For example, there is the els Nins exhibition, a collection of portraits of royal children from the middle Ages, the SoKraTES hall featuring contemporary arts including a famous rhino skeleton in front of a carpet of diamonds. There is also the wonderful gardens featuring sculptures of animals, fables and playful designs, plus a scenic rose garden. You can easily spend a few hours browsing the many impressive collections at Sa Bassa Blanca, and it is too possible to have guided tours. Also, don’t be afraid to bring children here, they will enjoy this artistic and creative space as well.

untouched beach of Coll Baix north Alcanada


Coll Baix is a natural area found at the northern part of the peninsula where Alcanada is. Coll Baix is one of the hidden gems of the area, and only accessible by foot or by boat. The area consist of a deep canyon and a stunning cove of crystal clear water with a beach.

Visit the old Victoria hermitage in Alcanada


On the opposite side of the peninsula from Alcanada, you will find the old medieval hermitage of La Victoria, which by the way is also the name of the peninsula. You can walk here, ride your bicycle or drive by car, but visit you must do. On your way, you will enjoy the scenic nature and meet Balearic wild goats while you ascend higher over the bay of Pollenca. At the hermitage, you can enjoy a refreshment at the restaurant or cafeteria along with the breathtaking panoramic views of the bay and the peninsula of Formentor extending on the opposite side of the bay.

Ruins of ancient Roman city of Pol-lentia in Alcudia


Another attraction in Alcúdia, is the excavation site and ruins of the former Roman city Pollen-tia. Info-boards will guide you around this huge site, and you will quickly see a city rise in front of you. As you stroll about inside, you will pass by the habitation areas, the forum, the burial sites, the palaces and the amphitheater, and, you will understand how life in a Roman city was like.

Torre Major is an old watchtower between Alcanada and Port Alcudia


The medieval watchtower of Torre Major is situated just between Port d’Alcúdia and Alcanada, in the very corner of the bay. The tower used to guard the bay during the 16th century when pirate attacks were consistently going on. Along with a network of other watchtowers, Torre Major assisted in alarming the town of Alcúdia whenever a hostile ship was spotted in the bay. The towers communicated via smoke signals and flags, and the guards were simple peasants who had to work day and night while at the same time maintaining their regular jobs.

Beaches of Alcanada

Platja de Alcanada

Platja de Alcanada is the main beach of this holiday destination. The beach has an underlay of gravel and pebbles leaving a feeling of a natural and virgin area, thus the beach does not offer any amenities such as showers, toilets, lifeguard, bins etc.


Length700 m
Width20 m
Blue flagNo
Wheelchair accessYes
Sun lounger rentalNo


Alcanada, or Aucanada (Catalan), is found on the eastern side of the peninsula of La Victoria extending north of Alcúdia. Alcanada belongs to the municipality of Alcúdia, and it also wired to the harbor area of Port d’Alcúdia.

The Raiguer region

The Raiguer region is perhaps the most versatile of all regions in Mallorca, because of its unique location between the foothills of Tramuntana and the rural countryside of the Pla region. The Raiguer region stretches from Santa Maria in the south to the La Victoria peninsula in the north. Below you will find a list of all the municipalities located in the Raiguer region.


Alaró is a charming and typical village located in a valley formed by dramatic mountain formations, which has also given the area its unique characteristic. Traveling to Alaró means beautiful natural areas, meeting an international audience and dining in delicious restaurants and bars. During the recent years, Alaró has really grown in the hearts of its visitors, especially hikers and cyclists are fond of this amazing area, where they can find restitution for body and mind. Moreover, Alaró is not just a great place for tourists to settle, it is also a highly popular place for foreign settlers to buy property.

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Alcúdia & Port d’Alcúdia

The historic town of Alcúdia is perhaps one of the most popular holiday destinations in Mallorca! Alcúdia offers a wide range of cultural treasures and activities to indulge in, such as the Roman ruins of Pol-lentia, the amazing architecture of the manors and the impressive city walls and defense towers which are also the main trademark of Alcúdia. Alcúdia is an obvious choice of travel destination in the Raiguer region regardless of what time of year you plan your holiday. Alcúdia offers one of the best beach holiday destinations on Mallorca, as well as a cultural mecca full of sights, town life and activities.

Read about Alcúdia and Port de Alcúdia


Biniamar nestles at the feet of the Tramuntana, a sleepy and quiet village where you come to find solitude and tranquillity. Biniamar is perfect for renting a holiday home, because of the great location close to both mountains and rural countryside. The local area surrounding Biniamar offers plenty of activities and sight to explore, especially walkers, cyclists and cultural enthusiasts will find a lot of value in this area. Most accommodation in Biniamar consists of private holiday homes such as villas, perfect for a self-catered holiday in Mallorca.

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Binibona is a quite overseen area located on the slopes of Tramuntana not far from the villages of Moscari and Caimari. The beautiful and scenic area extends from the small hamlet surrounded by olive and almond groves, a particularly beautiful area during blossom of these in February. If you are looking to combine tranquility, romance, nature and luxury, then Binibona is your choice.


Visit or stay in the biggest wine district of Mallorca, located at the feet of the dramatic mountain range. Choose Binissalem as your travel destination in the Raiguer for a versatile and tranquil rural holiday on Mallorca. Most accommodation found in Binissalem are holiday homes, villas and rustic fincas that has been transformed to accommodate the modern human with all desired amenities. The area surrounding Binissalem is perfect for road cycling and walking. Moreover, Binissalem is located very close to the free-way of MA-13 connecting Palma and Alcúdia, which makes it easy to access almost any local area in no time.

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Búger is a typical Mallorcan agricultural community built upon traditional Mallorcan values. Renting a holiday villa here will take you back in time and let you enjoy a simple and completely uncomplicated life. Búger is located somewhere in the northern part of the region, with easy access to mountains and beaches, thus the can’t miss attraction in the local area, the amazing stalactite caves of Campanet. Accommodation in Búger mainly consist of wonderful holiday villas and homes packed with modern amenities to offer you the best frame for a holiday on the Mallorcan countryside.

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Caimari, in local mouths referred to as “Olive Town”, is a small sleepy village situated at the feet of the Tramuntana, with direct access to the road network leading in to the green valleys of the mountains. As with other destinations in the El Raiguer region, Caimari enjoys a versatile landscape of both rural fields and mountainous terrain, which makes Caimari a perfect retreat for cyclists and hikers/walkers, who come to Mallorca to explore the scenic nature. Accommodation in Caimari mainly consist of rustic fincas and villas in the surrounding area, all in the rural flat area, but with the majestic mountains rising in the background creating an amazing scene from your terrace or swimming pool.

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Campanet is a beautiful and very versatile holiday destination on Mallorca, simply because of its unique location between mountains, countryside and beaches. Choose accommodation in Campanet as your holiday base, if you want to combine unique nature, cultural heritage and luxury. Especially recommended accommodation in Campanet, is the beautiful and authentic old manor of Monnaber Nou, which has been transformed into a luxury hotel. The surrounding area invites to close exploration, there are so many places of interest and so much scenic Mediterranean nature.

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Consell is mainly an industrial area where mass tourism has not yet made its entrance, making it an authentic and calm rural area full of charm. Consell was one of the first areas of Mallorca to have a winery, and the traditions for the wine making industry has been a part of the local business life ever since. Consell is a great place to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Mallorcan countryside; close to mountains, close to roads and even close to Palma.


Inca is a great place to absorb some Mallorcan cultural heritage, enjoy some of the best restaurants on the island and of course, shop for leather products. Inca is indeed a versatile city and area, there is so much to indulge in here, so much to taste, see and feel. The city of Inca is home to a vibrant restaurant and shopping life, moreover, to a lot of interesting places of interest. Accommodation offers in Inca mainly consists of authentic fincas and villas situated in the surrounding areas, giving you direct access to the best of the Mallorcan nature, both mountains and rural countryside, a true versatile holiday base.

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Lloseta is a small town and suburb to Inca. The town is situated directly on the mountain slopes giving it a unique character, as you ascent and decent in the narrow stony streets. Lloseta has a rich cultural heritage, which is also why it is so interesting to explore closer. Accommodation in Lloseta is equally unique, as you can stay in the charming and highly rated boutique hotel, Cas Comte, in the center of the town. This luxury boutique hotel, is an obvious choice for an authentic hotel experience. When based in Lloseta during your holiday, you have great access to the Mallorcan road network, the rural countryside and the impressive Tramuntana mountain range.

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Mancor de la Vall

Mancor de la Vall is a cosy little mountain village nestled in a valley at the feet of the green mountain slopes of Tramuntana. The village has a sought for restaurant and hotel, as well as a stunning natural local area perfect for hiking, MTB and walking. You want to choose accommodation in Mancor de la Vall if you prefer a quiet and authentic holiday base, in sync with the Mallorcan soul and nature. Moreover, traveling to Mancor de la Vall lets you completely escape mass tourism and screaming infants, you will completely forget all about your day job and any worries you might have.

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Moscari is a very sleepy small village belonging to the municipality of Selva. Moscari is the perfect escape for couples and friends looking for solitude and romance in a tranquil scenery. The accommodation offers in Moscari includes a few small finca hotels in the village itself, and a bunch of rustic fincas and villas nestled in the hilly terrain that surrounds Moscari. If you choose one of the petit finca hotels in Moscari, be sure that you will find both luxury, great food and tranquillity.

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Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla is one of those area you don’t hear much about due to the very little impact of commercial tourism in the area. Sa Pobla offers an interesting history full of events, a series of stunning mansions and architecture witnessing the wealth of the area and a lot of natural spaces such as the s’Albufera wetlands. Sa Pobla is a wonderful place to either visit or stay in, you’ll have a lot of charm, authenticity and tranquility. At the same time, you are close to the stunning beaches of the Alcúdia bay and the mountains to the west. Sa Pobla is also a great place for dining experiences.

Santa Maria del Cami

Santa Maria del Cami offers an eventful history and rich cultural heritage to delve into. Santa Maria is located just 15 minutes from Palma at the feet of the Tramuntana range, making it easy to reach and wonderful to explore. Santa Maria del Cami has a range of interesting buildings to discover in the streets, as well as eateries and bars. Some of the highlights to see, are the parish church, the Minims monastery and the winery of Macia Batle. Every corner in the town is associated with a part of the local history, it is definitely a place to visit.


Selva is a charming village at the foothills of Tramuntana. Selva offers a large selection of wonderful and charming holiday villas, fincas and flats for rent. Selva is a great area for hiking, walking, mountain biking and cycling due to the great location between mountains and countryside. Selva is an obvious choice of holiday destination for self-catered couples looking to enjoy each other in the most authentic frames.

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