Enjoy a relaxing rural escape to the sleepy village of Búger on the Mallorcan heath

Búger local guide

Hotel and accommodation offers in Búger

Búger is an obvious choice of holiday destination if rural countryside and tranquility is what you are looking for. You can go self-catered or stay in a finca hotel.

The beautiful rural landscapes occupied by fields of almond trees and old mills and the Tramuntana mountains in the horizon, makes Búger an idyllic and scenic destination. You will get the true feeling of owning a manor in the Mallorcan countryside, with own private pool  and all modern amenities available.


Places of interest in Búger and nearby areas

Búger might not be big, but there is a fair amount of typical Mallorcan houses and buolding construction to adore. The church is a symbol of freedom and independence to the people of the village, it was founded as a direct response to a growing and unsatisfied congregation, tired of beeing forced to walk to Campanet for religious services.

Búger offers a good handful of small local bars and cafeterias situated close to the main street of the village.

As for sports, road cycling is the most popular activity out here. The fincas here are great for groups of cyclists who wants a high-class restitution space for the tired legs.

A highly recommended activity, is a trip to the huge nature reserve and wetlands of s’Albufera north of Sa Pobla where 200 species of Mediterranean wildlife has their home.

For more cultural activities, head to Inca to indulge in exclusive shopping and dining experiences.

Every Saturday morning, the weekly market is held in Búger. The market starts at 8 in the morning and ends at around 13 – 14:00h. The marketplace occupied the main street, beginning by the town hall.

Búger is a small and quiet village located on the Mallorcan heath. Búger was once a part of the bigger town of Campanet, and does share a great deal of history with same.

Búger is a typical Mallorcan village, which urban clearly indicates medieval characteristics in the rectangular plan, with the main street cutting through the village.

The name of Búger is meant to derive all the way back from Moorish times on Mallorca and from the name “bujar”, which means “light”. In front of the town hall, you can see a fontaine with a sculpture of a candlelight in it.

The main street is also where you find the most life in the village, here the bars are situated and at the end, the parish church crowns the village.

Where is Búger located?

Búger is located between the towns of Campanet and Sa Pobla in the northern end of central Mallorca.

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