EXPLORE the local area around the olive town of caimari at the feet of the mountains.

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Things to see around Caimari

Caimari is a great place to explore the evolution of life on Mallorca. Just outside the village you can enjoy a tour through the ethnological park, an open air museum exhibiting everything from huts to tools used by prehistoric hunters.

In the village itself, there is a couple of interesting buildings to have a closer look at. These building explain the how Caimari has developed throughout the years.

Finally, from Caimari begins the old path leading to the sanctuary of Lluc, the world famous convent. If you have the right footwear and the legs for it, it’s an amazing trip, but if not, you can drive directly up there.

Sights in Lloseta

Chapel of Coco

Sights in Lloseta

Can Seda (town hall)

Monasteries & Convents

Monastery of Sant Bartomeu

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Lloseta

Sights in Lloseta

Old Train Station

Monasteries & Convents

Santuari de Lluc

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Santa Maria

Sights in Caimari

Old church of Caimari

Sights in Lloseta

Teatre de Lloseta

Monasteries & Convents

Ermita de Santa Magdalena

Sights in Lloseta

Ayamans Palace

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The King’s Paw

Sights in Caimari

Son Alberti

Caimari offers a small selection of local bars and restaurants. The most popular, at least amongst tourists, is the restaurant belonging to the olive press museum just outside the village itself.

The unique location of Caimari allows for almost any physical activity you can want. However, only open air activities so to speak, because there are no tennis or golf courts close by.

Every Monday the weekly market in Caimari is held on the main square in the centre of the small village. The market allows you to blend with locals who come to buy meats, cheeses, fresh fruits, vegetables and other local produce.

The market in Caimari is not a tourist market, meaning it does not offer either electronics, plagiat designer clothes.

Caimari is the single biggest producer of olive products on Mallorca, which has also given it its nick name as ‘The Olive Town’.

Caimari offers a tranquil and comfortable silence, only broken by playing children in the town aquare, dogs barking or a car passing once in a while.

One of the most significant features of Caimari, is the situation here between the feet of the green mountain slopes and the thousands square metres of olive fields.

A particular good time to visit Caimari, is in November when the annual olive fair is held here. It’s a two day event solely dedicated to olives and products made from olive trees. At the fair, you can sample freshly squeezed olive oil, luxuty products and of course, plenty of foods made with olives.

Where is Caimari found?

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