Guide to accommodation and tours in Banyalbufar
Guide to Banyalbufar in the Trmuntana in Mallorca

discover the stunning local area of Banyalbufar with all sights and activities

Banyalbufar, or Bañalbufar, offers a tranquil holiday base, with stunning views over the azure sea from the green slopes that the village is built on.

Banyalbufar is located on the very west coast of Mallorca in complete isolation from noise and hectic mass tourism. This is a destination reserved for those seeking silence and relaxation

Accommodation offers in Banyalbufar

When browsing through the accommodation offers in Banyalbufar, it is of utmot importance that you are aware that this area is quite isolated! I tell you this only because I know that it really gets quiet up here, no matter which time of year you visit.

What does this mean? It means, that if you do not rent a vehicle, you can very well feel too enclosed. It is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, its just that it’s important to know this early in your holiday planning.

The hotels up here, offers amazing services, amazing locations and amazing food! A personal recommendation, is the Hotel Sa Baronia, an old rebuilt palace.

cozy petit hotel in Banyalbufar Mallorca

Son Borguny

3 out of 5 stars
hotel with sea views situated in old mansion in banyalbufar mallorca

sa baronia

2 out of 5 stars
hotel with sea views situated in old mansion in banyalbufar mallorca

mar i vent

3 out of 5 stars

Tours & excursions near Banyalbufar

Banyalbufar, has a great location when talking about activity offers. Here, in the center of the west coast, everything is like a playground to a fresh pair of legs. Cycling, MTB, sports climbing and hiking, are just some of the more popular activities people come here to do.

There are hundreds of opportunities to discover the island of Mallorca, just have a look below to find some great and exciting tours and excursions to go on to get the most of your holiday.

Tickets online discount Son Amar dinner show mallorca
son amar world class dinner show
4.5 out of 5 stars
excursion to valldemossa and soller in mallorca
tramuntana panorama tour – deià, sóller, valldemossa
5 out of 5 stars
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Sights and places of interest in the local area of Banyalbufar

You will have to look no further that just down the main road of the village, before the first sight appears. Sa Clastra de sa Baronia, is the old patio, belonging to the Hotel Sa Baronia, and open to the public. This old palace used to belong to the baroness, and this patio was the center of every event held.

Outside the village border, between Banyalbufar and Estellencs, you will find the popular tourist favourite, Torre es Verger. This beautiful and well-preserved watchtower dating back from the 16. century, has become a trademark of this area. You can climb the narrow metal stairs inside the tower to reach the platform on top, from where you can enjoy the amazing views all over the green and blue coastline.

Again, I have to advice you to rent a vehicle, at least for a day or two, in order to really see some of the treasures of the island.

banyalbufar offers unique viewpoints especially from the medieval watchtower

Torre des Verger

This amazing old watchtower offers a unique viewpoint with panoramic views overlooking the Balearic sea. The tower is situated between Banyalbufar and Estellencs, with parking options next to it. You can climb the old iron stairs inside the tower to access the top platform from where the breathtaking views occur.

Visit the medieval watchtower and enjoy the amazing views

Stone terraces of Banyalbufar

These stone terraces are known as “marjades”, iconic to the village and local area of Banyalbufar. From the stone terraces you can enjoy amazing views over the coastline. The stone terraces were installed by the Moors, and extremely advanced watering system making use of the water running from the mountains to the sea.

Stop and enjoy the views from the stone terraces

great hotel in banyalbufar the clastra baronia former palace and manor house

Sa Baronia

Visit tis amazing old manor and noble home of the baroness of Banyalbufar, which is now turned into a wonderful petit hotel offering amazing sea views from the rooms and the terrace. You are free to walk in and visit the patio of Sa Baronia, the clastra, which is the main sight of this historic building in the centre of the charming village.

Visit the Baronia building and its lovely patio

Banyalbufar parish church is built as a fortification to secure the inhabirtants against pirate attacks

Parish church of Banyalbufar

This small parish church is situated right next to the beautiful town hall building. The church is fortified due to the brutal attacks from pirates during the Middle Ages, actually, this is the second parish church of Banyalbufar hence the first was completely destroyed by attackers. The church became a safe place for the local congregation of Banyalbufar.

Visit the fortified parish church

More nearby sights and attractions

Explore the neighbouring areas of Valldemossa, Deià, Esporles and Bunyola and indulge yourself in rich Mallorcan heritage.

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Unfortunately, Banyalbufar does not have a weekly market due to the small size of the village. Instead, head to hearby Valldemossa for a traditional market on Sundays.

Where to find banyalbufar?

Banyalbufar is located on the very west coast of Mallorca, bordering the municipalities of Estellencs and Valldemossa.

Infographic about Tramuntana region of Mallorca

The Tramuntana region

Tramuntana is both the name of the UNESCO protected mountain range that runs from south to north, as well as the name of the group of municipalities located in or close to these mountains.

When talking about Tramuntana in context of the mountain range, it is referred to as "Serra de Tramuntana", and when talking about the region, it is referred to simply as "Tramuntana".

The largest municipalities of the Tramuntana region, are Calviá and Andratx in the south and Pollenca in the north. The mountain range actually has its roots south of Malagá in Andalusiá.

The Serra de Tramuntana covers a surface of more than 30,000 hectares of landscape in Mallorca. The two main factors that make these mountains so unique, are the dry stone constructions and the hydraulic watering systems evidencing early day farming techniques. In almost any local area of the Tramuntana you travel, you will discover some of these very unique features which contributes to the picturesque settings.

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Beaches near Banyalbufar

Now that you are in Mallorca, it cannot be ruled out that a day on the beach is good for the soul. Banyalbufar has its own small beach, namely Cala Banyalbufar, a small bay in the safety of the winds. The beach is just over 100 meters long and here is rarely overcrowded. Cala Banyalbufar works fine for you, who just want to enjoy the ocean view while reading a book or relaxing after a day on the go, but do not have sunshades, umbrellas or showers. Other nearby beaches include Es Port des Canonge and Es Corral False, which are located north.

Banyalbufar weather forecast


A bit about Banyalbufar

For those who want to experience true Mallorcan village idyll combined with outstanding scenery, Banyalbufar is a perfect choice for the holiday. The city is situated about 35 km from the capital of Palma in the stunning Tramuntana mountains, with opportunities to get to other picturesque cities such as Andratx, Sóller and Valldemossa in a very short time. If you choose to stay here, it is a good idea to rent a car for the holiday as public transportation is limited in this area.

The area’s special appearance and brand are the so-called marjades, which form rows and rows of terraces with houses on the hillside overlooking the sea. It is believed that during the Moorish dominance on the island, these plants have been used as an advanced irrigation system, where you have been able to grow crops on the terraces. Banyalbufar can be translated into “The Farm by the Sea” – and with its location 300 meters above sea level, on the lush hillside slopes, there is no doubt that Banyalbufar is the development of an agricultural community that has lived here for over 1500 years.

Banyalbufar is a charming and quiet village. Here you grow the silence and the idyll by the sea and siestas are still practiced at best. The bulk of the employment in Banyalbufar consists of agriculture, the many green areas and the climate around the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range provide optimal conditions for growing tomatoes in particular.