Peguera is a great choice of holiday destination if you are looking for a versatile beach resort, adult audience and lively atmosphere.

Peguera local guide

Accommodation offers in Peguera

Peguera offers more than 110 different accommodation options, most of these with sea-views, or close to the main street in the town. Peguera is rather popular, because of the versatile area, and it can be somewhat difficult to find those extremely cheap deals here.

Attractions and places of interest

There are no tourist attractions or sights to see in Peguera. The area serves mainly as a beach holiday resort, developed for the purpose of serving holidaymakers. However, for a cultural input, you will find the old fortified village of Andratx close by offering interesting buildings such as the Son Mas estate and exhibition hall and the church of Santa Maria. Peguera is well-connected to the freeway, and getting to Palma can be made pretty hassle free by car or public bus.

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Beaches in Peguera

Peguera offers 1400 metres of soft sandy white beaches, and if you include the one in Cala Fornells, you have 80 metres of beach line more to choose from. The biggest of the three beaches, is Platja de Palmira, from where there is also a pier for boats and catamarans. Id you prefer a more secluded beach, go to the beach of Romano hidden between the rocky walls. You can do all sorts of typical beach activities at the beaches in Peguera, as well as you can rent sun loungers and parasols.

Platja de Torá
tora beach in peguera mallorca

Image source:

Length500 m
Width40 m
Blue flagYes
Wheelchair accessYes
Sun lounger rentalYes

Image source:

Length300 m
Width60 m
Blue flagNo
Wheelchair accessYes
Sun lounger rentalYes
platja de palmira
biggest beach in peguera

Image source:

Length600 m
Width40 m
Blue flagNo
Wheelchair accessYes
Sun lounger rentalYes

Peguera attracts a lot of sports enthusiasts and active travelers, because of the many opportunities for physical activities down here.

Some of the more popular activities and sports in Peguera include, cycling, walking, golfing, tennis, diving, sailing and of course, various beach activities.

Peguera offers a vibrant shopping life, of perfumeries, jewelers, clothing stores and local handcrafts. Slender up the main street, and you will surely find something of interest.

There are more than 100 bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from in the local area. There are menu cards from all over the world here, both German, British, Spanish, French and Oriental Moreover, there are also a bunch of fast food diners for pizza and burger lovers.

Every Sunday morning, the local market in Peguera opens up and the streets are buzzing with an euphoric atmosphere of people bargaining for fresh fruits, textiles, meats, clothes, flowers, jewelry and crafts.

There are hundreds of booths set up in the street and there is usually a big attendance of both tourists and local.

Peguera, or Paguera, as some people like to call it, is located in the Southwestern part of Mallorca, close to Santa Ponca and Camp de Mar.

Peguera is a rather big area, with 3 main beaches, which together stretches some 2 miles. Behind the beach areas, the main street invites to lot’s of shopping, great food and bars.

Peguera is especially loved by Germans, who makes for the vast majority of the audience down here. The is sometimes referred to as Little Germany.

The name Peguera derives from the ovens that was once used for extracting resin from pines in the area.

Peguera is located in the southwest area of Mallorca, in the municipality of Calvià. The area borders other highly popular holiday destinations such as Santa Ponca and Camp de Mar.

Infographic about Tramuntana region of Mallorca

The Tramuntana region

Tramuntana is both the name of the UNESCO protected mountain range that runs from south to north, as well as the name of the group of municipalities located in or close to these mountains.

When talking about Tramuntana in context of the mountain range, it is referred to as "Serra de Tramuntana", and when talking about the region, it is referred to simply as "Tramuntana".

The largest municipalities of the Tramuntana region, are Calviá and Andratx in the south and Pollenca in the north. The mountain range actually has its roots south of Malagá in Andalusiá.

The Serra de Tramuntana covers a surface of more than 30,000 hectares of landscape in Mallorca. The two main factors that make these mountains so unique, are the dry stone constructions and the hydraulic watering systems evidencing early day farming techniques. In almost any local area of the Tramuntana you travel, you will discover some of these very unique features which contributes to the picturesque settings.

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