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Artà local guide

Artà is situated in the northeastern part of the island, about 60 km from the capital city of Palma de Mallorca.

Artà is a small, cozy and quiet village, but contains much history, culture and many attractions in this genre.

Artà borders other popular and more well-known tourist areas, such as Capdepera, Cala Ratjada and Son Servera, all popular among especially golfers.

Accommodation offers in Artà

Artà has very many accommodation options for you to choose from, it is only a question of what you think will be the most charming or interesting to try. Common to all options, is that in Artà, charm is included of the package. There shall however, sound a clear recommendation to look for a finca (manor house) around Artà. Here you’ll luxurious facilities in rustic and charming settings, where you can become one with the local. Another great bet on accommodation in Artà, is the so-called petit-hotels, which is located in the narrow streets of the city.

Sights and things to do in Artà

Here’s a list of things to do in Artà

One of the first things you’ll notice in Artà, is the thick fortress wall with its nine towers, that surrounds the pilgrimage church Santuari de Sant Salvador, on the top of the hill. Several impressive statues and religious monuments are located here, including the statue of the Virgin Mary carved in wood. Walk past the parish church and beyond, along the more than 180 steps calvary stone staircase to reach the Santuari de Sant Salvador, from where you will enjoy the panorama view of Artà and the surrounding area, along with the very beautiful garden that belongs to the church.

Are you interested in history, head down to the center of the town, to Placa d’Espanya and visit the town hall, which also houses the town’s ethnological museum. Here you will be told the story of Artà. There are also a number of relics from the Roman and Moorish domination of Mallorca. Contraindications many other historical museums on the island, this gives you a good idea of what Mallorca has been for the peasants, nobles and how times have changed island.

In 1921, the railway that connected Palma with Manacor, Son Servera and Artà, was established. It was later closed again, but the old station building still stands in Artà, and it’s currently on the blueprint to put the railroad back in operation.

Speaking of sights, we can’t avoid mentioning the stalactite caves, Cuevas d’Artà, on the coast about Canyamel. Colored lights casts beautiful shades around the stone walls and stalactites, that form figures, believed to have religious significance. Jules Verne was among the first in recent times to visit the caves, and it is commonly believed that it was right here he got the inspiration for his world famous “Journey to the center of the earth.”

The restaurants in Artà, serves a fine blend of classic Spanish dishes and Mallorcan upgrades. Artà, however, is more than tapas and dishes with fish and shellfish. As a city with a long history, particularly within enologi, the culinary art here includes a wine list that goes hand-in-hand with the local dishes – a golden opportunity to taste the delicious local wines.

About 8 Km to the north of the city itself, you will find the beautiful nature reserve, Parc Natural de la Península. You will want to hike or bike through the open and unspoilt landscapes, which for comparison, points to the Scottish highlands. Up here, you can inhale the fresh mountain air, while experiencing first hand, how Mallorca’s peasant and indigenous communities lived several hundred years back in time.

The nature reserve is, of course, one big playground for active vacationers, who will benefit from the enormous area up here.
The sights that awaits you up here, are simply unforgettable and unparalleled.

Besides from hiking and cycling, golf is another of the popular activities around Artà. Within the 15 minutes of driving, you can reach 3 different golf clubs, with challenging and fun courts to enjoy.

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Every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am, Artà opens up the streets for the weekly market to be held. It takes place centrally, on the city’s main square. At the market, you can let your senses be seduced, by a colorful and aromatic variety of fresh fruits, meat, fish, flowers and sweet almonds and figs. This is an ideal opportunity to taste some of the typical Mallorcan local delicacies, e.g. the famous sobrassada-sausages.

Artà occupies the biggest part of the north eastern Mallorca