Biniamar is a sleepy little village at the foothills of the Tramuntana, an obvious choice if you want seclusion and tranquility.

Local area guide to Biniamar and the surrounding area

Biniamar local guide

Biniamar is a small and sleepy village in the municipality of Selva. The village used to be a great limestone production area just like the neighbouring areas of Lloseta and Selva.

Biniamar is located at the feet of the Tramuntana,


Biniamar is perhaps best known for its iconic unfinished church building in the centre of the village. However, there are other interesting things to see in Biniamar, for example the old limestone ovens, the church of Tecla or the old beautiful graveyard.

Churches in Mallorca

Unfinished Church of Biniamar

Sights in Biniamar

Limestone factories

Sights in Biniamar

Cemetery of Biniamar

Sights in Biniamar

Son Odre

Biniamar has a fair handful of local bars situated in the two small plazas in the centre of the small village. For evening dining, nearby Inca is an obvious choice, a city that is home to two of the most renown restaurants on Mallorca.

Biniamar has grown popular amongst foreign property investors who have bought a house here. There are many private holiday rentals to choose from in Biniamar, an ideal chance to feel the authenticity of being a part of the local village life here. You will have no noise, no stress and yet close to bigger town areas such as Inca, just 10 minutes away.

With a stunning location just at the feet of the Tramuntana, Biniamar is a playground to any sports tourist. You can go cycling, mountainbiking, hiking or climbing.

If sport is not what you associate with activities, go explore the rich culture of Selva, Lloseta and Inca. In Inca, you can visit museums, shop for leather goods or enjoy the vibrant life in the many street cafes.

Biniamar is too small to have its own weekly market, therefore, you have to go to one of te neighbouring towns to find a traditional market.

  • Selve on Wednesdays
  • Inca on Thursdays (big tourist market)
  • Lloseta on Saturdays

Biniamar is located about an hours drive from Palma.

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