EXPLORE THE RICH and prosperous AREA OF BUNYOLA, orient and palmayola

Bunyola, offers true mountain village charm, along with a wealth of activity offers to choose from.

Bunyola is located just by the foot of the amazing Tramuntana mountain range, just a 20 minutes drive from Palma de Majorca.

Bunyola is an obvious choice of holiday base, if you want to feel inner peace, and still be connected to the rest of the world.

Restaurants and food culture in Bunyola

Besides from the gala-menu that should be reserved in the Son Amar finca (I’ll get back to this in the attraction & sights section on this page), Bunyola offer a quite versatile menu-card, despite of its rather small size. Most of the restaurants and cafes in Bunyola, are located around the center of the village, near the town square.

The cousine up here, is a splendid combination of traditional Majorcan dishes, and Mediterranean favourites. It is of course possible to find a club sandwich or similar, but it would almost be a shame.

Accommodation & hotel offers in Bunyola

The accommodation offers in Bunyola, are some of the finest in the area! This is said without any exaggeration! Almost all occommotadion offers here, are located on the green slopes of the mountains that forms the valley where Bunyola is placed, just imagine what a view to get up to.

You stay on fincas, old Majorcan manors, completely secluded by rustic authenticity, and equipped with only the best facilities to make sure you won’t ever find yourself in need of anything.

The accommodation offers in Bunyola, are really one of the main highlights of this area!

Bunyola’s excellent location between the main roads of Majorca, and the mountain range, makes it a playground for cyclists and MTB’s!

Hiking and sports climbing, are other popular activities to do here in Bunyola. If a day on the golf court is your thing, enjoy one of the most scenic courses on the island, at the Golf Termens close by.

Things to see around Bunyola

One thing you owe to yourself to see up here, is the Son Amar dinner show! I promise you, this is nothing like you have ever seen before! Before the show starts, you’ll be spoiled with an amazing gala dinner of 4 courses. Here’s an article I wrote about the Son Amar.

In Bunyola, you will find the old palace Raixa, the botanical gardens of Jardins d’Alfabia, and from the little train station, you can jump on the antique train that drives between Palma and Sóller.

Sights in Bunyola


Churches in Mallorca

Church of Saint Matthew

Sights in Bunyola

Jardins d’Alfabia

Sights in Bunyola

Son Amar Dinner Show

Every Saturday morning, the local market is held in Bunyola, from the main square of the village. This is a golden opportunity to let your senses be tempted by the hundreds of fresh fruits and veges, locally produced. The market also offers leather goods and crafts. Get yourself a refreshment, and go browse this scenic marketplace.

Bunyola is located in the Tramuntana mountains, but just 20 minutes from Palma.

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