DISCOVER ALL LOCAL holiday resort of Ca’n Picafort, MALLORCA

Ca’n Pastilla is a great choice of holiday destination on Mallorca, if you are looking for both big city and beach resort.

Ca'n Picafort local holiday guide

Ca’n Picafort is located at the coastal line of the northern Majorca, in the famous Alcúdia bay.

The old fishing harbour of Ca’n Picafort, offers a charming atmosphere with many nice restaurants, that caters excellent Majorcan cuisine.

You want to choose Ca’n Picafort as your holiday destination, if you like to have a little bit of everything, a very versatile area.

The closest real attraction near Ca’n Picafort, is the old ruins of Pollentia, located in Alcúdia. If you are planning to go and see something during your stay, I’d advice you to rent a car for 2 days because Majorca truly offers some amazing attractions you should see. From the information desk in your hotel, you are able to arrange bus charters and day tours.

Ca’n Picafort offers a very large range of restaurants, offering international cuisine. However, because of the location and the tradition with fishing in the area, fish and shellfish dishes are delicacies up here.

Ca’n Picafort offers a range of great hotels, but also a great variety. There’s no specific theme for the hotels here, you can choose from regular bungalows to top noch luxury, with or without sea view. Most hotels up here does have a minimum of 3 stars.

There are plenty of things to do in Ca’n Picafort. The silky soft beach and low waters, makes for tons of activities for kids and adults to enjoy. The beaches has bars, showers, sun loungers, and many other amenities. The nature surrounding Ca’n Picafort, makes for excellent walking and cycling tours, and you will find sports such as tennis, golfing, go-karts and horseback riding, just to mention a few.

If you are traveling with children, you can go and visit the water park “Hidropark”, in Alcúdia.

Every Friday morning, you will find a great marketplace in Ca’n Picafort, where you can do a good bargain on leather, shoes, clothes, crafts or delicious local produce.

Ca’n Picafort is located in the bay of Alcúdia at the northern cape of Mallorca. Driving from Palma airport usually takes about an hour.

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