Canyamel is one of the best destinations on Mallorca for couples and adults looking for an exclusive base where adults can be adults.

Find out why Canyamel is your perfect luxury holiday destination for you in the northeastern part of Mallorca

Canyamel local guide

Canyamel is a smaller and exclusive holiday destination located in the upper eastern area of Mallorca. Canyamel belongs to the municipality of Capdepera, like the other popular destinations in the northeastern area such as Font de sa Cala and Cala Ratjada.

Canyamel is renown for its great attraction force of golfers looking for a beach resort when on Mallorca to swing the clubs.

Canyamel is a rather quiet and relaxed resort; there’s not much noise or vibrating town life in this area, therefore, perfect for couples who wants to enjoy each other.

Accommodation offers in Canyamel

Canyamel tends to attract a more adult audience, hence the hotels here are all of high standard and class. This holiday destination is situated outlandish, and therefore the hotels needs to accommodate all thinkable amenities and needs.

As said before, the old fortress “Torre de Canyamel”, is a great sigh to see here, and has a great restaurant too. Close to Canyamel, you will find the village of Capdepera, home to the amazing medieval castle “Castell de Capdepera”,  raised high above the sea on a hilltop, offering amazing panoramic views, you can even see all the way to the neighbouring island Menorca.

Make sure to visit the stalactite coves “Cuevas de Artà”, located in the rocky hills looking over the sea.

Canyamel has some 10 restaurants and diners, plus those belonging to the hotels in the area. As Canyamel is a rather small holiday destination, it relies on a very high standard and quality. The area around Canyamel and Capdepera, is well known for delicious food. Also, while you are here, try the restaurant located at the old fortress “Torre de Canyamel”.

Canyamel and the surrounding area, is equipped with amazing landscape and features to enjoy from. Popular activities in Canyamel includes, golf, tennis, cycling, hiking and maritime activities.

Canyamel is located in the northeastern areas of Mallorca, close to Font de sa Cala, Son Servera and Cala Bona.

Canyamel serves as a holiday destination all year round, except maybe November – December.

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