Explore the local points of interest with this tour guide to Costitx directing you to sights, activities and events.

Costitx offers a wealth of history, and a markedly contrast between prehistoric life and the future to come. On this cultural route, you will enjoy the tranquil rural nature and the charming local village intimacy as you move along on this time travel.

costitx local tour guide

Costitx was founded back in the early middle ages when it separated from neighbouring village of Sencelles in the beginning of the 1300’s.

The area however, has been inhabited by humans since the bronze ages, as the remarkable remains of a temple is evidence for. 

Costitx is a very small and sleepy little village on the Mallorcan countryside in the region called es Pla. Mid day siesta is something still in practice here, but if you come in the morning or afternoon, the local bars are occupied by locals who meet to drink their coffee and discuss the world situation.

Accommodation offers in Costitx

Costitx is the perfect place for renting a rustic finca or villa for your holiday. The charming and unspoiled countryside here in the rural es Pla region, is a fantastic frame for bit of RnR.

Sights in Costitx


Costitx does not offer a lot of fancy restaurants, but a small selection of local bars serving traditional Mallorcan and Spanish dishes.

Cyclists and walkers/hikers are the most seen

Every Saturday morning, the weekly local marketplace open up in the centre of the village around the church.

At the market in Costitx you can sample local products such as meats, cheeses and fresh juice vegetables and fruits.

The market typically starts around 8 and finishes around 2. This is not a tourist market, meaning you will not find t-shirts and electronics here.

Costitx is located in the heart of the es Pla region in the centre of the island

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