deià is one of the most romantic places and holiday destination in the Tramuntana and mallorca

Holiday accommodation offers in Deià

Deià, is an obvious choice when you want to indulge yourself in luxury. Several amazing hotels are ready to accommodate your every wish for a perfect stay!

Deià, offers one of the most beautiful and scenic atmospheres in all of Mallorca!

Deià, is located on a mountain top, close to the water, and often times referred to as the “village of artists”.

You want to choose Deià as your holiday base, if you like the thought of being soaked in luxury and spoiled by nature.

I do not recall a single restaurant or cafe in Deià, not offering a scenic atmosphere, along with a dining card that satisfies any tongue, really!

Deià has a great location, when it comes to sights and tourist attractions in the mountains! Deià itself, is home to the Casa de Robert Graves, home of the famous writer, and the archaeological museum, founded by Sir William Henry Warden. At the highest point in Deià, the church and graveyard is located, do go and visit. The graveyard is the resting place of many famous people, and the church has been center of a lot of celebrity events, such as the wedding of Caroline Corr.

Close by, you will find the estate of Son Marroig and Sa Na Foradada offering breathtaking views over the coastal line of Deià.

Find all local sights in and near Deià

Cyclists and hikers, have excellent conditions here in the middle of the beautiful mountain range, with views over the azure coastline.

Deià itself, is not a traditional place of physical activities, as the main audience here prefers a luxury base and has access to a vehicle. If you are looking for activity offers around Deià, you should go to the neightbouring town of Sóller.

Unfortunately, Deià does not have a weekly market due to the small size of the village. Instead, head to nearby town of Valldemossa for a traditional market on Sundays.

Deià is beautifully nestled between the green slopes of the mountains overlooking the sea.

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