Esporles guide

Esporles, offers a cozy and scenic atmosphere, where you are truly one with the nature and local environment.

A holiday base in Esporles, means that you become one of the locals in the village, that you take part in the village life.

Esporles, is located in the green mountain range, isolated from noise and busy city life.

Things to see around Esporles

Esporles is home to the famous La Granja finca. La Granja is an old estate, home to the richest people of the area, back during Medieval times. Do not let this opportunity pass by, asthis is one of the main tourist attractions of Majorca! La Granja, is relevant to all visitors, even those with children!

Not far from Esporles, you find the iconic town of Valldemossa. Valldemossa, was the place where Chopin and George Sand spent a winter, at the old emblematic convent.

There’s a lot of great attraction offers close to Esporles, but many of them would require of you to rent a vehicle of some sort.

Sights in Esporles

Ca’n Fortuny

Sights in Esporles

Houses of Sun

Churches in Mallorca

Parish church of Sant Pere

The center of the village, is the place to find the restaurants and cafes in Esporles! Most of these, serve traditional Spanish and Majorcan dishes, such as tapas, fish and shellfish, pork and chicken. As Esporles is located somewhat like the port to the mountains, a lot of guests stop here to have either lunch, dinner or snack during the day, which means you’ll almost never find empty restaurants in Esporles.

Esporles is a great place to base yourself, if you are looking for an idyllic and authentic atmosphere, in close contact with mother nature.The hotels and fincas (Majorcan manors), offer direct access to a wealth of activities and roads.

Basically, most physical activities are open to you from Esporles! Especially the enormous forests that encloses this area, opens to a world of adventures for hikers and mountain-bikers.

The many winding asphalt roads up here, makes for great cycling routes, that will put your legs to the test, and give you speed as you let the aerodynamics take you from top to bottom.

You will find hundreds of marked hiking and cycling routes, in the area around Esporles. Many of these, starting from the center of the village.

Saturday morning, from around 8 o’clock, you can visit this authentic little market held in the main road. This is a wonderful and scenic little market, where local producers come to sell their own produce, such as cheese, sausages, meats, crafts and fruits.

If you come to visit Esporles during October, you can experience the local food festival, La Fira Dolça d’Esporles.

Esporles is easily accessed from the main road from Palma towards the Tramuntana mountains.