Estellencs is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for scenic nature, adult audience and local feeling.

Find out why Estellencs is your perfect holiday destination in the Tramuntana

Estellencs local guide

Estellencs is an old fishing village, located on the very west coast of Majorca.

Estellencs offers an authentic and scenic atmosphere, surrounded by  colourful landscape formed by the mountains.

You want to choose Estellencs as your holiday base, if you want to just escape from the everyday life and just relax.

Accommodation offers in Estellencs

Estellencs does not offer many accommodation options to choose from, which enhances the feeling of exclusivity. The best thing about staying in Estellencs, is the fact that everything is located on the slopes, which allows for the most amazing views over the azure coastline.

Attractions & sights to see near Estellencs

Close to Estellencs, on the road leading to Banyalbufar, you will find the emblematic old watchtower, Torre es Verger. Torre es Verger has become a trademark of this area, and is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful tower constructions on the island. The tower can be accessed all day long, and there is no entrance fee.

There are many treasures around the Majorcan mountains, but most of them requires a vehicle of some kind.

Restaurants in Estellencs

Estellencs only have a handful of restaurants, but it’s enough, because they are really good! Traditional Mediterranean cousine, is the absolute highlight here in Estellencs. As an old fishing village, the cooking traditions has been passed from generation to generation, which gives a very unique and local taste.

Activity offers in Estellencs

From Estellencs, you will find a bunch of marked walking routes, leading you about in the beautiful terrain. Cyclists and mountain-bikers, have great conditions as well out here.

If you’re visiting between spring and autumn, you might feel like a chilling sea breeze. Estellencs, does actually have a small beach area, but it will take you some 15-20 minutes to walk down here.

Close to Estellencs, there is another old fishing port, called Port des Canonge. This place is almost completely untouched, and you should really allow yourself a lunch or snack here, it’s so rewarding in many ways!

The area is characterized by the steep green mountain slopes and the contrastisting azure blue water brushing up against the rocky coves at the bottom.

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