Font de sa Cala is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for scenic nature, adult audience and local feeling.

Find out why Font de sa Cala is your perfect holiday destination in the north east area

Font de sa Cala local guide

Font de sa Cala, is a rather small resort, located in the northeastern part of Mallorca, close to the more well-known area of Canyamel.

Font de sa Cala offers a tranquil base for your holiday, mainly for you traveling without children.

You will find a relaxed atmosphere, and some stunning views over the sea, along with access to popular activities.

Accommodation offers in Font de sa Cala

The hotels in Font de sa Cala, are primarily aimed for the “adult” audience, traveling without children. Luxury is the main ingredient in the magic mixture, that makes Font de sa Cala a holiday base in high demand. The amenities and services, are tailor-made to suit just any need you could ever want during your stay, making it completely unnecessary to leave the resort.

Attractions & sights to see near Font de sa Cala

So, you brought the camera and charged your smartphone, what now? Besides from taking colourful pictures of the gorgeous nature, you might want to combine that with a bit of culture. The nearby “Torre de Canyamel”, and the “Catell de Capdepera” are both great attractions to visit while staying in Font de sa Cala. They will give you a unique insight of life in Mallorca, during medieval times, when attacks from the seaside was everyday life to the inhabitants.

Font de sa Cala only has a few restaurants, located in the resort itself. Most of them being attached to the hotels in the area. If you really want a great advice for your holiday in Font de sa Cala, go to the village Capdepera and eat, or visit the Torre de Canyamel. These places will indulge you with the “real” Mallorcan flavour.

Activity offers in Font de sa Cala

Golfing, tennis, squash, cycling, beach activities, are just some of the many activities you can do here in Font de sa Cala. The area up here, is ideal for further exploring and invites restless legs to come enjoy.

Font de sa Cala is located in a beautiful and picturesque cove in the north eastern area of Mallorca. The bordering areas include

Font de sa Cala can be visited all year round, except maybe between November – January. Spring and autumn makes perfect for walking and cycling in Mallorca, and a lot of sports enthusiasts come to this area for that purpose.

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