Inca local guide

For centuries Inca have had a central role in the Mallorcan history books. Especially the production of leather and shoes has made Inca quite famous. But Inca is more than just leather, it is also synonym with excellent food and stunning views.

Located at the feet of the Tramuntana mountain range, gives Inca a unique location between the green mountain slopes and the rural flat countryside.

Monasteries & Convents

Ermita de Santa Magdalena

Sights in Inca

The King’s Paw

Monasteries & Convents

Monastery of Sant Bartomeu

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Santa Maria

Sights in Inca

Plaza de Toros d’Inca

Inca offers some of the best restaurants of all Mallorca.

Several restaurants here have been awarded prestigious prizes. Among these are Celler Ca’n Ripoll and Celler Ca’n Amer.

Around the church area you will find a wide selection of local bars, cafes and restaurants serving some really tasty delicacies in a cozy atmosphere.

If you are not staying around Inca during your holiday on Mallorca, Inca is still worth the drive in the evening for the food. Thus, Inca is located just by the freeway of MA-13.

Inca on Majorca has some of the best restaurants on the island

Hotel and accommodation offers in Inca

You have a number of accommodation options around Campanet. The area is ideal for a finca holiday, secluded in luxury and scenic nature.

Road cycling is by far the most popular local activity here when it comes to sport. The extensive network of country roads here in the center of the island makes it perfect for exercising the leg muscles while enjoying the fresh air.

However, Inca does also offer a range of tennis courts and courts for the very popular sport, pedal.

If sport isn’t your thing, Inca offer a vibrant shopping experience, with the many leather factories and stores in the center of the town. On Thursday, the big market comes to town, where hundreds of booths invites you to do some haggling.

The weekly market in Inca is one of the biggest of its kind on Mallorca. Hundreds of stalls and booths are lined up in the centre of the town offering all kinds of goods.

At the marketplace, you can sample some local delicacies, tasty meats, cheeses and sweets. Try the famous Mallorcan sausage, sobrassada, or the sweet pastry, bunyols.

Campanet is located by the feet of Tramuntana in the northern end of the island