Lloseta offers a wealth of scenic nature, local culture and points of interest to explore and delve in to. On this page, our partners, hotels and bars, will give you a local tour guide to Lloseta.

Lloseta local guide

Lloseta ois a cozy and authentic town located on the slopes of the Tramuntana. Lloseta has an intimate feeling to it, with narrow cobblestone streets, traditional Mallorcan architecture and beautiful surroundings with the mountains rising in behind the town.

You should stay in Lloseta if you want to combine authenticity and luxury. Lloseta is a rather exclusive area reserved to you who enjoy rustic escapes away from mass tourism.

Lloseta became known after the Catalan conquest when the territory was given to noblemen who supported the king in his military campaign. The name Lloseta is meant to derive from the Catalan word "llosada" which means flat stone.However, other historians argues that the name should derive from the two words "laus" and "eta, which means something like praise and fortress.

During industrial times, Lloseta was an important mine area, with a big production of limestone and coal. In fact, there used to be a an important loading station here transporting coal and limestone to Palma and other places on the island.

Lloseta is an old industrial town that used to serve the mine and coal industry. But before this, the town belonged to noble families who have left a rich cultural heritage for you to enjoy and indulge in.

The most important sight in Lloseta, is the Ayamans palace, which was homer to the many generations of counts and marquises who lived here. Each count transformed this palace to match his identity and values, which has given this palace a sophisticated mix of stylistics.

Sights in Lloseta

Old Train Station

Sights in Lloseta

Can Seda (town hall)

Sights in Lloseta

Teatre de Lloseta

Sights in Lloseta

Chapel of Coco

Sights in Lloseta

Ayamans Palace

Churches in Mallorca

Church of Lloseta


Lloseta offers a small yet fine selection of local eateries to choose from. Wherever choose to enjoy your refreshment, you are sure to mingle with locals as there are no "tourist traps" in this area. Some of the bars may be more "average", but all of them with great joyful atmosphere.

If fine dining, or just world-class food, is what you are looking for then head to Inca just 2km away to find some of Mallorcas most sought for restaurants and cellers. Try the Celler Ca'n Amer or Ca'n Ripoll for an exquisite tasting experience.

Hotel and accommodation offers in Lloseta

The area surrounding Lloseta is like made for physical activities such as hiking, walking, climbing mountain-biking and road cycling.

If you are not that fond of having to tie up the old walking boots, then how about following our cultural route and see some places of interest in the town?

If shopping is your thing, head to nearby town of Inca for a unique shopping experience with tons of great deals on leather garments and accessories. Inca also host the biggest weekly street market on the island on Thursday, so if you are an experienced haggler, or want to get started with this, here's your chance.

Every Saturday morning in the centre of Lloseta (by the church), the weekly market is held. It's a small marketplace with only the most common commodities offered in the stalls and booths. However, it is quite cozy and the atmosphere is rather intimate. Grab a cup of coffee at the cafeteria on the square and give yourself time to enjoy a feeling of traveling back in time.

Lloseta is located just outside the bigger city of Inca, some 2km. From the freeway of MA-13, take the Inca exit.

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