Llubí is a great choice of destination if you are looking for tranquility, rural charm and Mallorcan spirit.

Indulge in the local area of Llubí, an area full of local charm, rich agriculture and cultural heritage.

llubí local guide

Llubí (pronounced Jubi), is a small village located east of the bigger urban area of Inca. The local area of Llubí, has been inhabited by humans since 3,000 BC, when the Talayotic culture ruled on the Balearic islands.

Up through the Middle Ages, Llubí and the neighbouring areas transformed to typical agricultural districts like so many other places in the rural areas.

Llubí is renown for its production of honey, and has gained the nickname “Honey Village”. Every year, a big festival dedicated to beekeeping and honey production is held here in Llubí.

An area that has been inhabited for more than 5,000 years must have a lot to offer, and indeed Llubí does! We have collected a cultural route for you to follow, where you will learn about the life here in the agricultural districts of Mallorca.

Needless to say, honey is something you need to taste in Llubí, both bee honey and flower honey are very popular products from the local area.

But Llubí is also known for producing tasteful capers, almonds and olives.

The village does not offer more than a few dining options, but really, what more do you need when the menu cards are full of Spanish delicacies?

The keyword here is; rustic!

Most accommodation options in Llubí, are fincas and holiday homes isolated and secluded from any tourists and city noise.

Llubí invites to exploration of the Mallorcan soul. Go hiking, walking and cycling  in the local area.

If you come here during the winter months, you will enjoy the thousands of hectares of almond fields being covered with flowers from the trees. The blossom of the Mallorcan almond trees is known as a nature phenomenon, because they have a certain smell.

Every Tuesday morning, the inhabitants of Llubí gathers on the central plaza of the village to buy flowers, fresh local produce, delicacies, meats and cheeses. If you are self catered, you ought to go and buy at least some of your commodities at the market to really get an authentic feeling of living here.

Llubí is located in the centre of Mallorca, not far from Inca. The drive from Palma is about 1 hour.

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