Magaluf is a great choice of destination if you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, an amazing beach line and great location.

Indulge in the fascinating world of Magaluf, a place both famous and infamous, find your hotel here

Magaluf local guide

Accommodation & hotel options in Magaluf

The overall standard of hotel rooms in Magaluf, is actually quite high, the spite for the many young people coming here just to party. If you are one of those thousands, who come here to party hard, rest asure that most hotels offers you the best possible circumstances for restitution after a crazy night. Mpost hotels in Magaluf, have a high level of security as well, with guards keeping an eye out all night, in front of the entrances.

Magaluf, also known as “Little Ibiza”, is the single most crazy party capital of the entire Mediterranean area. Magaluf is Magaluf, and what happens in Magaluf, stays in Magaluf!

Magaluf is home to hundreds of great bars, clubs and cafes, keeping the city pulsating 24 hours a day!

Activities & sports to do in Magaluf

Magaluf is known for it’s amazing beach area, which is also a great place to find popular activities to do, during daytime. When the late afternoon/evening starts, go and enjoy some crazy golf and 5D action cinemas, at the crazy House of Katmandu, in the center of Magaluf.

Restaurants in Magaluf

No matter if you’re looking for a big tender steak, tapas or a burger, you’re sure to find all of it in Magaluf. Some of the more popular restaurants, are located around the beach promenade of Magaluf, where you can enjoy the great views too.

Magaluf, is also home to the flamboyant Nikki Beach, a concept specialished in lavish atmosphere.

Attractions to see near Magaluf

Magaluf is a beach resort, there are no nearby attractions to see here. Better spend a day in Palma and enjoy the many spectacular sights and attractions here.


Magaluf is located directly on the coastline of Calvià, next to Palmanova

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