Mancor de la Vall is a charming little village on the foothills of Tramuntana, surrounded by green slopes and monuments of Balearic heritage.

Mancor de la Vall local guide

Mancor de la Vall, or Mancor del Valle, is situated on the lower slopes of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Mancor de la Vall, offers excellent conditions for hikers and nature lovers, who flee here to explore this Mediterranean treasury.

Sights near Mancor de la Vall

The sights and attractions right here in Mancor de la Vall, are mainly those of religious character, such as the parish church and the Santa Lucia convent. However, if you are interested in history and/or culture I have good news for you. You can visit the old olive mill in the cvillage, a quite impressing sights, or you can make the very short drive to the neighbouring village of Caimari, also known as “the olive town”, and see the olive museum.

South of Caimari, you want to go and visit the outdoor/open air ethnological museum, where you walk around exploring tools, traps and way of living, throughout times.

In another neighbouring village, called Lloseta, go and have a refreshment on one of the cafes here, and then visit the amazing old palace called Palacio d’Ayamans.

Finally, Inca, the 3rd biggest town in Majorca, is not far from Mancor de la Vall, and offers many more interesting sights and attractions to explore.

Restaurants in Mancor de la Vall

The soul of Mancor de la Vall, is indeed incorporated in the dishes served in the restaurants in the village. Especially the Restaurante C’an Tiró Tuxican, has been awarded several times, for its amazing organic kitchen!

Expect fresh vegetables, tasty juicy meat and warm atmosphere, as you reach nirvana.

Accommodation & hotel offers in Mancor de la Vall

Mancor de la Vall, only offer a few accommodation options. The village is rather small, and the area surrounding it, does not have that many villas. This does however, enhance the experience of living in sync with nature and the feeling of escaping any tourism resort or busy city life.

Activity offers in Mancor de la Vall

Walking and hiking, are the most popular activities here in Mancor de la Vall. The green mountain slopes, are home to a wealth of vegetable and animal species, along with the many human built caves and small chapels.

A lot of cyclists tend to come here too, since Mancor de la Vall is situated between the winding mountain roads, and the many long country roads, leading to anywhere on the island.

Weekly market in Mancor de la Vall

Every Saturday moning, the local marked in Mancor de la Vall is held. This is a small marketplace, where local producers come to sell their fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses and sweets. It’s a nice way of starting the day, browsing through the many colourful products. I often times buy something, simply because my senses are easily seduced.

Mancor de la Vall is located in a small valley not far from Selva

When to visit Mancor de la Vall

I can’t think of a single time of year, that I wouldn’t at least come to visit Mancor de la Vall. Summer might be a bit too hot though.

Regardless if you choose to base yourself here, if you are in Majorca in November, do come to Mancor de la Vall to attend the yearly mushroom fest, called “La Fira de l´Esclatasang”. The mushroom fest, is a celebration of the local mushroom species, and the village is decorated from one end to another, with stalls set up, from where you can taste local dishes made with mushrooms, and buy products made of mushrooms etc.

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