Moscari is a great choice of destination if you are looking for tranquility, scenic nature and luxury accommodation

Travel back in time, back to medieval times to live like a noble where only the best is good enough.

Moscari local guide

Moscari is one of those really small and often times overseen villages on Mallorca. The village is located in a scenic natural area at the foothills of the Tramuntana range, surrounded by almond and olive trees and other Mediterranean wildlife.

The name of Moscari derives from Mozarab times on Mallorca. The first documentation of this dates back from 1230, when a farm was mentioned as Moscaritx. The -tx ending indicates the Mozarab influence.

Moscari is a typical Mallorcan village which by the looks still hasn’t changed much since medieval times on the island. The elongate urban plan with the main street cutting through, the small church in the centre of the village and the many small Mallorcan houses, is all part of the charm of this place.

Moscari belongs to the municipality of Selva, which also include Biniamar, Binibona, Caimari and Selva itself.

Moscari is like an open-air museum exhibiting life in a Mallorcan village 500 years ago. A small agricultural community, where the wealthy families control and the poor work day and night to provide for their families.

If you are looking for a refreshment, Moscari is home to 2-3 small bars situated in the centre of the village. Here you will find traditional Spanish dishes such as lamb, pork and fish.


If you are looking for accommodation in Moscari, you will be surprised by how many options you have despite of this small area. Moscari is a very popular holiday destination, especially during the winter months when the almond trees blossom and road cycling is at its highest on the island.

You will find yourself indulged in luxury accommodation, set in rustic surroundings between mountains and plantations.


Moscari is an obvious choice if you are here for cycling or walking! The unique location at the foothills of the dramatic Tramuntana range makes Moscari a beloved place place for anyone looking to get some exercise.

During late January to the beginning of March, the almos trees blossom on Mallorca leaving the surface covered in a duvet of silky white and pink flowers that has a unique feminine scent. The blossom of the almond trees on Mallorca is nothing less than a nature phenomenon and should be experience at least once in a lifetime.

Moscari is located about an hour from Palma airport, between the centre and north of the island.

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