Discover the pastoral and charming village of Petra on this page. Our partners guides you all places of interest in Petra and shows you why you should come to visit.

Petra local guide

Accommodation offers in Petra

If you are looking for a tranquil holiday base, Petra is a great choice! There is only 1 hotel in the village itself, a small but very cozy petit hotel.

Almost all accommodation options here, are holiday homes, villas and apartments situated on the countryside outside the village.

Petra, is a sleepy and tranquil village on the pastoral countryside in the Manacor area. However, the center of Petra is only quiet in the early morning hours and the late evening hours.Throughout the daytime, the two central squares are transformed into vibrant bar life with all the cyclists, walkers and visitors occupying the many bars and cafes here.

The overall theme of Petra, is pastoral and agricultural, you will find plenty of local charm here.

Eating in Petra, means typical Mallorcan dishes from the Mediterranean kitchen made with fresh ingredients from the local areas.

Also, Petra is an interesting area for wine lovers. Wine farmers in Petra are especialle thrilled about sorts like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Petra offers a lot to see and do. When you open your Accés Mallorca application, you will see a cultural route and a list of all nearby sights in the area.

The cultural route, will take you through the village, explaining about architectural styles, the stories of the village and important figures. The route ends at the Santuary de Bonany on the hill outside Petra that has an important role in the local histiry and culture.

Monasteries & Convents

Santuari de Bonany

Sights in Petra

Sa Rectoria de Petra

Sights in Petra

Casa de la Vila

Monasteries & Convents

Convent de Sant Bernadí

Churches in Mallorca

Esglesia de Sant Pere

The flat landscapes that surrounds Petra, are ideal for road cycling.

Every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am, Petra opens up the streets for the weekly market to be held. It takes place centrally, on the city’s main square. At the market, you can let your senses be seduced, by a colorful and aromatic variety of fresh fruits, meat, fish, flowers and sweet almonds and figs. This is an ideal opportunity to taste some of the typical Mallorcan local delicacies, e.g. the famous sobrassada-sausages.

Petra is located just east of Manacor

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