Playa de Muro is a great choice of holiday base if you are looking for a versatile beach resort full of activities for the entire family.

Find out why Playa de Muro is your perfect holiday destination on the north coast of Mallorca

Playa de Muro local guide

Playa de Muro, is located in the broad azure blue coast of Alcúdia, at the north part of Mallorca.

Playa de Muro, is a modern holiday destination, very popular to many children families, mainly because of the blue flag beaches up here.

There are hundreds of hotels and accommodation options in Playa de Muro, which makes is an obvious area to looks for great holiday deals in Mallorca.

Accommodation offers in Playa de Muro

As earlier stated, there are more than 110 hotels and accommodation options in Playa de Muro.

The overall hotel standard in Playa de Muro, is fairly high, and you won’t have to worry about service or amenities, because they really got it just right.

If you like to get a bit cultural during your holiday, you are in luck in Playa de Muro! The neighbouring town of Alcúdia, is a great place to enjoy a few hours and gain some knowledge. Go and visit the very first capital of Majorca, Pollentia, built by the Romans 123 BC, and enjoy the massive city walls and gates still standing, from the 14th century. The town of Alcúdia itself, is quite the attraction too, with its many charming old town houses, and districts inspired by the Moors, Romans and Spaniards.

Restaurants in Playa de Muro, offers a wide range of international favourites on the menu-cards. You will find everything from traditional Spanish tapas to British pubs to oriental spices to fast food.

Playa de Muro, has a lot to offer when it comes to sport and physical activities.

During summertime, the beaches are of course the biggest and most popular attractions. However, if you feel like a change of scenery, go and visit the wetlands of s’Albufera Parc Natural, which is located just behind Playa de Muro, and is home to a great variation of animals and vegetation.

During spring and autumn, cycling and hiking are very popular in this area because of the many opportunities to explore the roads of Majorca, thus there’s not that many cars.

Playa de Muro offers a range of shopping opportunities, from stunning jewelry and high-end fashion to local leather goods. Especially around the main street in Playa de Muro, you will find a vibrant shopping life.

There is no weekly marketplace in Playa de Muro, because of the big market held in Alcúdia on Tuesdays and Sundays. It’s quite the attraction, and you can really do a great bargain here if you’re a good haggler.

Playa de Muro is located on the north coast of Mallorca, in the beloved cove of Alcúdia.

Playa de Muro, is a great place to visit most year round, except for maybe November, December and January.

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