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Porreres local guide

Porreres is a typical village in the rural Mallorcan countryside. Tradition-rich markets and city festivals, local architecture, mills and streets filled with cozy sidewalk cafes, make up the very special atmosphere of which Mallorcan villages are known.

The area around Porreres consists in the pastoral silence adorned with ancient monasteries, churches and vineyards that help define the unique culture here.

Plaça de la Vila, is the city’s main square where most of the cafés and bars in Porreres are located. Enjoy a pleasant and atmospheric break, with a glass of local wine, a coffee or meal can be consumed while the village life takes place in front of you.

Overall, the food in Porreres is delicious, packed with local produce and absolutely worth paying. Several cooks from Mallorcas elite have chosen to start restaurants here in the city.

in campanet you will find great bars for eating luch and supper

As for the local places of interest and sights in Porreres, most of them are considered to be of historical or religious nature. Porreres is a great evidence of the impacts of different religions that has occuopied Mallorca throughtout the Middle Ages.

The sights of the town of Porreres are quite few. The atmosphere, the charming stone houses, the old molinas (mills), all contribute to exhibiting a picturesque rural community from the best side. In addition, the city hall – Casa de la Vila – houses an excellent art exhibition, including paintings by Salvador Dalí.

Churches in Mallorca

Oratory of Santa Creu

Sights in Porreres

First church of Porreres

Sights in Porreres

Art Museum of Porreres

Churches in Mallorca

Cathedral of rural Mallorca

Sights in Porreres

Rectory building

Sights in Porreres

Catholic Centre

Monasteries & Convents

Sanctuary of Monti Sion

Accommodation offers in Porreres

You have a number of accommodation options around Porreres. The area is ideal for a finca holiday, secluded in luxury and scenic nature.

Visit Porreres in February – March, the white flowers of almond treesblossom. This nature phenomenon, is one of Mallorcas most spectacular features, a scenic and poetic experience, best consumed by foot or on a bike.

If you are a golfer, amateur or professional, do not cheat yourself for the old ‘championship courses at Son Anthems, a half hour drive south-west, just below Llucmajor. Another option is the beautiful Vall d’Or golf course, which you find on the east coast near Porto Colom – also approx. Half an hour drive from Porreres.

The weekly market in Porreres, is held Tuesdays at Plaça de la Vila.

The market isn’t that big, but offers a selection of meets, cheeses, local produce and crafts. It’s a great way of sampling some fresh commodities in a relaxed traditional atmosphere.

Porreres is located east of Llucmajor and the famous Randa mountain.

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