Sant Elm is the perfect escape for a romantic and scenic holiday that combines beach and mountains

Find out why Sant Elm is your perfect romantic holiday destination in the Tramuntana for you

Sant Elm local guide

Sant Elm, or Sant Elmo, is a traditional and very charming old fishing village, located in the very southwestern corner of Majorca.

Sant Elm, offers a quiet and very beautiful holiday base, where you will be completely secluded in the natural charm of this old port.

Accommodation & hotel offers in Sant Elm

Sant Elm, offers a only a small handful of hotels, all of these are excellent. The hotels are located with stunning views over the cove, and/or the mountains that surrounds this place.

In Sant Elm, you can also choose between holiday homes and apartments for rent.

Attractions & sights to see near Sant Elm

Sant Elm, does not offer any real tourist attractions as such. Only hikers and cyclists will be rewarded, with old fortresses and watchtowers around the mountains.

If you are staying in Sant Elm and want to explore some sights and attractions, you should rent a vehicle of some kind, and go explore the island.

Restaurants in Sant Elm

The restaurants in Sant Elm, are known all over the island for their excellent fish dishes.

Despite of the rather small size of this little village, there’s a fair amount of restaurants and cafes. Nevertheless, most of them are quite busy all day long, which tells us something about the overall standard out here.

Sant Elm, is well-known by active travelers from all over Europe, who come here to make use of the natural playground around Sant Elm.

An obvious activity in Sant Elm, is a half day trip to the dragon island, Sa Dragonera, located just 20 minutes outside Sant Elm. Sa Dragonera, is a protected nature reserve, where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, diving or just relaxing at the small dock. Sa Dragonera, is also famous for its black lizards, that you can hand feat.

The area around Sant Elm, is perfect for sports climbing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and diving.

Sant Elm is located in the southwest corner of Mallorca, in the municipality of Andratx.

Sant Elm, can be visited all year round! Naturally, spring and summer are the best months, but also autumn is a great time to come here.

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