Selva offers a wealth of scenic nature, local culture and points of interest to explore and delve in to. On this page, our partners, hotels and bars, will give you a local tour guide to Selva.

selva local guide

Selva is often times referred to as "the gate", simply due to the unique location of the town just at the feet of the Tramuntana.

The long history of Selva gives it its unique character with many interesting buildings and of course, the dominating parish church as the centre of all attention. Selva is loved by cyclists and walkers who come to find high-class restitution place and direct access to both mountains and rural countryside.

Selva is the main town of the municipality which also contain the charming villages of Caimari, Moscari, Biniamar and Bonibona, whereof the later can barely be categorized as an urbanization.

Things to see around Selva

The area of Selva has been inhabited for

Sights in Selva

Son Arnau

Sights in Selva

Natural water sources

Sights in Selva

Cross of Valella

Churches in Mallorca

Parish church of Sant Llorenç

Selva offers the taste of the "true" Mallorca, the real cocina mallorquina. In the recent years, several chefs from the bigger urban areas on Mallorca have started their own restaurants and bars here in Selva, which means that you will find much more than just the traditional Mallorcan kitchen, you will find new approaches to cooking and experimental dishes.

Hotel and accommodation offers in Selva

Selva offers a fine selection of authentic finca hotels in the beautiful landscape surrounding the town. You are sure to have splendid views, as well as a present and welcoming atmosphere wherever you choose to stay.

Cycling and walking/hiking are the main activities in this area.

During January and February, the almond trees blossom leaving the surface covered with a beautiful duvet of white and pink leaves from the almond trees, a true nature phenomenon.

The weekly market in Selva is held Wenesday morning in the centre of the town. The market offers an intimate atmosphere of locals

Selva is located north of Inca when you come from the freeway of MA-13. The drive from Palma airport takes about an hour.

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